The Way Of Peace

A woman I trust told me the following story. All her life she had been someone who was attracted to psychics and healers. For a time she was led to explore the practice of Huna, the healing system that Hawaiian kahunas follow. This system is known for massages and other forms of body work, but she went deep into its esoteric aspects.

One thing that the kahuna kept repeating is that our bodies are just mental projections, and that we can heal them instantly using the mind. ďThat seemed true to me,Ē she said, ďand one day when I was slicing vegetables, I looked down and noticed that I had gashed my hand. A red line of blood was already starting to ooze out. Instantly I had the thought, I can heal this.

I donít remember doing anything else, but when I looked down, the gash was gone. There was no evidence that I had cut myself. I stopped and pulled the skin to see if I could find where Iíd cut myself, but not even the faintest line was visible.”

It was the instantaneous impulse to heal that made her erase the first wound. There was no hesitation or doubt. The wound and healer met in a precise fit. Which is to say that healing is a place inside oneís awareness, and if you have access to that place, the normal rules governing the body no longer apply.

Peace involves all the things this story teaches. Peace will be achieved when we mesh our minds with an outbreak of violence and say, with total confidence, I can heal that. Like healing a gash in the hand, peace comes from a place we need to access. It isnít a future event we need to wait for.

Peace is a reality that exists on a wave of consciousness that is closer to the center than we are now. We have to become aware of the laws of consciousness before reality will ever shift permanently.

Adapted from: Peace Is the Way, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2005).


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Fiona T.
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If we stop and enjoy

Lenee K.
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Our mind is a powerful tool..... though I find it hard to focus when things came crashing down on me almost all at once, but I am learning and trying to focus on the more positive element that - truth be told, its extremely hard, but not impossible...there are simply things out of my control, instead of getting all sad, depressed and frustrated (which is my initial reaction as a human), I find its totally possible to find that inner peace, no matter how bad and unavoidable the situation in my life is right now...... so, yes, our mind can be both a healing or destructing force, depending on what we choose to focus on,..

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Mary B.
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Laura, sooner or later you'll get the evidence you're seeking. Jane and Wes,All a' bull shit detector ' is, is another belief that disagrees with what it's just read. What is so difficult about grasping the fact that there is more than one reality? People of all kinds have incredable experiences, big and small, all the time.Do why do you doubters think you have to tromp on other's viewpoints? Do you think it makes you sound smarter? Why do you believe that your explaination is any more accurate than everybody elses? There are billions of people in the world. You don't get to decide for them what is real and what isn't. And by the time we've heard your various rants 3 or 4 times, it gets boreing. Read another book. Explore some new information. See if your minds are capable of going beyond what you already think you know.It's all just stuff you picked up along the way from somebody else and you don't even know if it was accurate.

Lara Kinast
Lara K6 years ago

I believe we can heal ourselves (after all, we do when our platelets clot, when our T cells function properly etc) and that the mind and body are connected, however, I doubt some extreme claims. Yes, the body and mind are connected and excess stress will have a negative effect on the body. I try to keep an open mind and do meditate and practice being still and thankful and visualizing happy things. I also think that humans are so full of doubt that even if it's true in the quantum sense or possible, most of us are unable to do what is described here (if it even is possible). However, stories of miracles and miraculous recoveries, I believe are actually the person healing him or herself at a cellular level.I know that when I focus, pain recedes and I heal faster being positive, but I have never been able to instantly cure a cut, etc. Extreme claims require extreme proof before I will accept them whole-heartedly.

Magdalen B.
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Must try that. We'll soon be rid of all the doctors etc. What a load of excrement!

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Thanks for posting.

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Good article, thank you..

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Very interesting.