The White Light Meditation

Reduce stress, feel calm, and experience well-being using the White Light meditation from the Buddhist tradition. In this meditation you will feel your heart filling with light and calmness.

This accessible meditation can be done as easily sitting on a subway or in a formal meditation room.

White Light Technique

Sit in a quiet location and breathe from your belly.

Imagine a white light in the center of your heart. The light represents healing, calm, purity and universal love.

Gradually imagine the light becoming more radiant, more brilliant, and more vibrant. Feel blessed by the light.

Gently imagine the light gradually expanding to fill your whole heart, then your body.

Now imagine your body is filled to overflowing with white light, so much so that the light radiates from you and into the room.

Imagine the room being filled with light that then pours out into the world.

Spend 10 minutes doing this.

Tip: Imagine you are watching a film with the image of your body on the screen, and your heart is slowly filling with light. Step into the image on the screen and feel the light filling your heart.

Adapted from Meditation In a New York Minute, by Mark Thornton (Sounds True, 2006).
Adapted from Meditation In a New York Minute, by Mark Thornton (Sounds True, 2006).


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I once sat in a room with a dozen other people years ago, and we did this. You can actually feel the peace and love and energy we all emitted. thanks

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