There is Only One “I”

Every organism could be thinking “It’s my intent!” Each and every one believes it is their personal local “I” that is doing something, but in the larger scheme, all these different local minds are actually co-arising and co-creating each other, through the intent of the nonlocal mind.

The trees must breathe so I can breathe. The rivers must flow so that my blood can circulate. In the end, there’s only one exuberant, abundant eternal, rhythmic, inseparable “I.”

All separation is illusion. The local “I” only realizes itself as the nonlocal “I” when the two connect. Then you start to sense that there’s only one universal “I.” And when you connect, you start to experience trust, love, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, surrender, nondoing.

This is how prayer works. But it’s not prayer through forced intent; it’s finesse, timing, surrender, gratitude, trust, love, and compassion that allow me, the local “I,” to experience and become the nonlocal “I.”

Ignorance is constricted awareness. In order to notice something, you have to ignore everything else. That’s how nonlocal becomes local. When I notice anything, I ignore everything else around it, which nevertheless contributes to its existence and is therefore a part of it.

When that “I” that is my ego observes, it observes only the particular and ignores the universal. But when “I” the spirit sees, it sees the flow of the universe that makes the particular possible. It is this interconnection, this inseparability, that makes life not only possible, but miraculous.

Adapted from The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press).


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This reminds me of a great artist, Henri Matisse. He once defined a great painting as a balanced composition in which the negative space (space where there is nothing) and the positive space (the object beinhg paint) are in balance. Too many people today do not leave empty spaces in their lives and their creativity does not have space to happen,.

James R Stewart Jr

The SELF is NOT first person singular.
The SELF IS first person PLURAL. All Is ONE. We Are One.

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