This New Wearable Tech Helps You Avoid Sunburns

Summertime is THE time to play outside in the sun—whether it’s poolside, beachside, or hiking and biking the local trails. But there is a major risk to all of this outdoor time—sunburns. Sun damage is a real threat to skin health. (Let’s nerd out for a moment and think about it: a star over 92 million miles away can still burn your skin. That’s hot!)

Sunburns are the worst. Not only can a few bad sunburns increase your risk of skin cancer, but by increasing free radical damage to your skin cells, every sunburn actually accelerates aging—and no one wants that. Even when you use sunscreen in the morning, if you spend enough time outdoors without caution, you can still get burned. That’s why the development of UV trackers is so cool.

Dark tanned body in summer

UV trackers are literally fitness trackers that track your UV ray exposure so that you know exactly how much sun you’re getting. Like regular fitness trackers, these come in many forms, from watches to necklaces, from clip-ons to stickers. L’Oréal even recently released a wearable UV tracker that fits on your fingernail ! It’s battery-free, re-adhesive and lasts a few months or longer. The data is transmitted to your cell phone (it uses the same type of “near range communication“ as your hotel room key, so there’s no Bluetooth or internet connection needed) so it’s all there, at your fingertips, to help you figure out when to get in some shade or reapply a layer of sunscreen. With proper use, you could potentially say goodbye to sunburns for good!

But UV trackers can be beneficial all year round. Not only can they help prevent you from unwittingly soaking up too many rays for your own good, but they can also encourage you to get a healthy minimum of solar exposure each day.

That’s right, while excessive sunburns and sun exposure can be carcinogenic, too little sun causes far more deaths on a global scale. Between vitamin D absorption, balanced endorphin and melatonin production, cortisol and adrenaline suppression, and supporting gene repair, sunlight plays a really important role in our biology and overall health. And many of us get too little of it year-round.

Not only can UV trackers help you minimize your sunburn risk, but they can also help you become more conscious of getting a healthy amount of sun exposure throughout the year. The wonderful thing about the rise of personal fitness tech is that it allows anyone to take their health into their own hands. So do it, because good sun health is not about avoiding the sun entirely or standing outside naked all summer. It’s about finding balance.

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