Tips For Going Paperless in The Office

With the exception of a few professions, most businesses no longer need to keep hard copies of documents, forms or correspondence. This has led many companies on the quest to make their offices paperless, which not only keeps the clutter away but also helps ensure a greener environment and could save money over time.

To put it in perspective, U.S. offices use up 12.1 trillion sheets of paper per year. While itís true that you still may need paper for some things, it’s also true that thanks to technology we can significantly reduce paper waste in the office.

Project Management

There are so many free and affordable project management services online that it can be hard to keep track of them. Iíve personally tried my hand at quite a few with several clients and my team members and it does make everything so much easier.

Rather than constantly emailing back and forth, having time-wasting meetings, or still using paper to outline projects and manage tasks, many companies and small businesses are opting for online project management services run on secure cloud systems. Some examples are below:

Basecamp – Formerly known as 37Signals this may very well be the original affordable online project management service. Basecamp has clients that range from Etsy to NASA.

Trello – Trello is a project management system that caters to visual people by using boards to keep track of to-do lists and projects. One of my clients uses this to manage a team of writerís and itís the most well oiled editorial machine Iíve ever seen.

Asana - Asana has gotten a slot of popularity lately because itís detailed and free. Itís another great project management service whose client list ranges from DropBox to Pinterest.

Document Storage

Paper clutter is messy and stressful. It’s also annoying to have to call a paper shredding service every time you need to get rid of sensitive documents. Not to mention, you can easily lose important documents in a mountain of paper clutter. This is why many offices are opting for online cloud storage.

DropBox is probably the most popular for this as it allows you to store and share files with your team. Another option is eFileCabinet which provides features that make it easy to follow regulation required by some professions. This can come in handy for financial jobs like accounting or advising which have a lot of compliance they legally need to adhere to.


A good chunk of paper clutter comes from financial statements and bills. We can avoid this by first signing up for paperless billing, and second look into moving your accounting needs to something like Quickbooks online which doesnít even require you to be in the same room as your bookkeeper. You can also use secure file transfer systems like those mentioned above to share sensitive financial information with your accounting department.

Just About Everything Else†

Perhaps youíve heard about Evernote as a solution to getting rid of not just office paper, but all paper in general. You can use Evernote to store sensitive information, collect clippings from your online browsing and remind you to do important tasks.

Final Thoughts

While using some paper is still essential to running a businessólike when you need to ship somethingówe can significantly reduce how much is used by going paperless in other areas.

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