Tips for Keeping Dogs Cool in the Summer Heat

Summertime can represent fun time for humans. To many of us it means wearing sandals, tank tops and swim suits. But, for our family members that can’t remove their fur coats, summer heat can be unbearable, and even dangerous, if they aren’t helped with coping with the high temperatures of summer.

Tips for Keeping Dogs Cool in the Summer Heat:

  • Shade – If they are outside, make sure they have plenty of shade and shelter from the sun.
  • Drinking Water  – Provide them with plenty of cool water that is also kept in the shade at all times.
  • Kiddie Pool – Dogs who love water will appreciate being able to cool off in a kiddie pool.
  • Frozen food in a Kong – Almost any food good for your dog can be stuffed into a kong and frozen. Here’s one of Sanchez and Gina‘s favorites… Place a mashed up banana in a kong, add rice cake crumbs and low-sodium peanut butter. Put it in the freezer in the morning. By the heat of mid-day, your dog has a refreshing, frozen snack.
  • Walk dogs early in the day and late at night when temperatures are cooler.
  • Let them dig: Dogs aren’t always digging to bury food.  There are a variety of reasons, including digging up a cool place to lie down.
  • Cool, Wet Towels – Dogs cool from the bottom up, so it’s more important that their paws and stomach stay cool and wet, than their back. Provide a wet towel for them to lie on. And when hosing them with water, hose down their paws, legs, and stomach.
  • Don’t leave your dog in a hot car: According to DOGSAFE: Canine First Aid “Life-threatening heat stroke happens when a dog’s body temperature is above 106° F (41.1° C) and a dog has lost the ability to cool itself.” A parked car acts like a greenhouse, according to It could be 86° outside, and 106° in side the car, in a matter of minutes.

How do you keep your pets cool in the summer heat? Thanks for adding any additional tips in a comment below.

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M.N. J.
M.N. J2 years ago

"Walk dogs early in the day and late at night when temperatures are cooler."

However, be aware of your environment. The summer noonday sun is obviously not good for dogs (or people), but if you are in a neighborhood with coyotes and bobcats and mountain lions (as I am), you should know that "early in the day and late at night" is a description of their hunting hours.

I have some dogsitting clients who don't even want their dogs in their own back yard after dark, because of all the coyote sightings they have. (Piddle pads: not just for training puppies.)

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Autumn S.
Autumn S4 years ago

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Spencer Y.
Spencer Young4 years ago

Never knew that dogs cool from the bottom up. Thanks for this good information and tips. I've learned two new facts so far tonight, That's why I love Care2 make a difference articles.

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