‘Tis Almost the Season: Unique Holiday Gifts

You know those people who are done with their holiday shopping before school starts, some of whom already have their gifts wrapped?  Well, I’m not one of them.  I am a tried and true last minute shopper, knocking out the entire task in one highly focused weekend, usually two weeks before the holidays.  This year, however, I’m giving thought to gifts earlier than usual.  I will be giving assorted “stuff” to my lot because there are things they love.  But many in my circle also enjoy the unconventional, and a mindful of the planet.    If your circle is similar, here are some possible gifts for you to consider with me.

Organic fruit delivery – While some folks may consider gift baskets cheesy (as in too many cheese logs) I’ve often enjoyed them, especially when the goodies are truly yummy.  Cherry Moon Farms has an organic fruit club that delivers fresh, organic fruit once a month for a year, with free delivery.  Organic mandarin oranges, bing cherries, and mangoes spice up the menu that also includes the traditional variety of apples, pears, peaches, plums, nectarines, navel oranges, strawberries and kiwi.

Save an animal’s life – Give a donation to American Humane to support a program that helps abused and neglected pets suffering from life-threatening injuries.

Adopt-a-species – Through the World Wildlife Foundation, for 25 dollars and above, you can purchase an “adoption kit” for one of over 100 different animals.  Starting at the 50 dollar level, your recipient will receive a plush animal (of the species selected), along with a variety of other informational and practical items.  The donation towards this symbolic adoption supports WWF’s efforts to protect wildlife and their habitats.

National Parks Annual Pass  –  Know anyone inspired by Ken Burns’ “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”?  The America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass allows your recipient, three additional adults, plus a non-commercial vehicle, free entrance for one year to America’s national parks and other public lands.

Charity Gift Card – There are countless good causes in need of donations.  Instead of making one to a charity of your choice in your friend’s name, give them a cute gift card from Tis Best, which partners with over 250 non-profits, and allow them to choose to whom they want to give the donation.


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I got WWF children's membership for my daughter last year and do a charity lottery for us each year too.