Today’s Actions are Tomorrow’s Future

“As you sow, so shall you reap” – Jesus stated the law of karma quite succinctly. He had no intention of getting away with wrongdoing but instead pointed to a higher spiritual rule: your actions today define your future tomorrow.

Regardless of whether an act is deemed good or bad, this higher rule can’t be sidestepped. Those who think it can have not looked deep enough. All past actions have a way of coming home to roost. This dynamic turns out to be more important than identifying sin.

What, then, would forgiveness of sin amount to? How do you redeem your soul? Finding the answer is a life challenge. A redeemed soul sees itself as new and unblemished. To reach this state of innocence would be impossible according to the law of karma, for the cycle of sowing and reaping never ends.

Unlike sin, karma grips us even in the case of accidents and inadvertent mistakes – regardless of circumstances, an action is an action and has consequences. The problem is further complicated by the fact that each person performs millions of actions in a lifetime, and these develop on all levels. Emotions and intentions are both tied in.

Is a man virtuous who gives money to the poor out of a selfish desire to save his soul? Is it right to marry a woman who is carrying your baby even if you don’t love her? The parsing of good from bad becomes extremely complicated, and the doctrine of karma makes the calculation harder rather than easier, because the mind can always find some tiny detail that was overlooked previously.

It can take a lifetime to solve this riddle, but in theory at least the answer is simple: you redeem your soul by turning to God.

Adapted from How To Know God, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2000).


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Brian M.
Past Member 6 years ago

Good article, thanks. The Buddha said something similar to the effect that the surest way to know one's future is to observe one's habits today. Without dedicated effort to improve our behavior for the benefit of all, we are likely to be facing the same crises and dilemmas that we face today. It's just not easy. Thinking outside of the box changes our reality. It is hard enough, but then to take real action to change our habitual way of seeing others and the world around us and how we respond to them is a mountain we all must climb if we are to realize the full loving-kindness in our own hearts.

K s Goh
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Lauren Debski
Lauren D6 years ago

That was so beautiful! Honestly, after being a newly "born again" Christian, I firmly agree. I have had a lot of people be like you are so different now, but I am so happy after being saved and very delivered, after being raped. I highly appreciate this article, because a lot of my friends think that I am mentally gone, whereas I am not, I am at complete and utter peace, and doing what God is calling me to do, standing up for men and women alike, spreading LOVE, after enduring a terrible trauma done to me. Great article!

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Jessica K.
Jessica K7 years ago

I have been exploring the concept of "paying your past forward". What this means is that taking past events that are painful, and using it to make a better future. This creates a different kind of reaping and sowing, and may heal the effect caused by misdeeds of the past.