Top 10 Things We Can All Be Thankful for in America

An investment in gratitude pays valuable dividends, especially when times are tough.

1. The freedom to be divisive. Sure, we all like to complain about all the yapping people we donít agree with, whatever side they are on. But we live in a country where all that yapping is legal. We could live in a place where yapping leads to death or disappearance. We donít. We should all be thankful for that.

2. Indoor plumbing. I read an article somewhere about how brides in India are demanding toilets in exchange for marriage. Billions of people around the world donít have indoor plumbing. Not only is it unsanitary, itís also dangerous.

3. Mostly clean water. Sure, we are mucking it up with toxins and pharmaceuticals, but if we are thirsty, we can pretty much find a cool drink of water anywhereóeven if we have to pay for it. It doesnít make us sick. It doesnít kill our children with waterborne illnesses that lead to death.

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4. Public education. Go ahead, complain all you want about how bad it is. But at least we have it. Itís not as good as in many other countries, but at least itís there, and all kids are expected to go to school and get educatedógirls as well as boys.

5. Coffee. Itís legal. There are no major health problems associated with it. It makes the world go around. Ok, it makes my world go around. Iím thankful for that.

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6. Music. Think about the world 100 years ago. The only music people could listen to had to be performed live. Isnít that so weird? We have just come to expect that we can listen to anything, anytime, and anywhere. And we can. That would have been unfathomable to people in previous centuries.

7. Books and magazines. I know, I know, Iím in the business (which makes me even more thankful). But again, from the comfort of our beds and couches we can travel back in time, forward in time, to any place in the world and into worlds that donít even exist except in a writerís mind. The other night my daughter said: ďI wish I could go online and buy a book and have it five minutes later.Ē And I said, ďYou can. Itís called a Kindle.Ē Of course, we couldnít get it to work (closeÖso close!). But itís the thought that counts. Itís possible in the real world.

8. The Internet. How did we find things before the Internet? Whether itís the location of a restaurant or an old friend you havenít seen since high schoolówe can now find almost anything instantly.

9. Sex. You can all disagree about the details and parameters, but the fact remains that itís not only good for your health, but it feels good too. Whoever invented it deserves our thanks.

10. Love. Take away everything else and the only thing that really matters is love. But all the other things make love more pleasurable. Can you imagine the horror of watching your child, whom you love so much, die from a disease that was preventable just by having clean water to drink? Life is painful and miserable and often filled with horrific tragedy. But love is really the only cure. We are very lucky here in America to have many barriers to love removedówe can marry for love and have indoor plumbing.

Donít forget it.


Stephanie I.

Thanks for the article.

Dana W.
Dana W7 years ago

Too true

Cath Bono
Kate A7 years ago

thank you for article

Maria Rodale
Maria Rodale7 years ago

Thanks for all of your comments! Your feedback is appreciated. It was great to hear from some out of the USA and what would make your list. Please do feel free to comment with what you're Thankful for in your own country, community or globally!

Elizabeth J.
uma J7 years ago

Is Care 2 cause meant only for America? Why don't u write abt third world countries also?

Stephanie Todd
Stephanie Todd7 years ago

Thanks for the great article! I made me think of all the wonderful things that I'm thankful for. I will always be proud to be an American no matter what!

Michelle M.
Michelle M7 years ago

great article!

Mary L.
Mary L7 years ago

Thank you. I still prefer the heft of a book made of paper.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam7 years ago

thanks for the article.

Viviana B.
Viviana B7 years ago

Articles like this make me want to read less of Care2 because, while there is plenty of things to be thankful for, we also need to consider who is paying for all the goods and stuff we have. Also, this list is not exclusive to the US... and if we can be inclusive of others, we should. There is no need to make the boundaries of otherness even higher! :(
I would like to be greatful for our compassion, our kindness, our sense of comminity... I could live without internet and even without plumbing, but never without striving for a caring, supportive community, and the universality of love!