Top 11 Swaps to Detox your Kitchen

Ease your mind about the health of your kitchen by swapping out these 11 everyday kitchen products and replacing them with safer alternatives. Many of the products I suggest you remove affect your central nervous system, and that of your family members, leaving you/them on edge and even irritable. Lower the stress with these top 11 swaps to reduce the chemical load in your kitchen:

1. Swap out synthetic food dyes: Switch to natural food colors for Christmas cookies, etc. Benefit: Calmer kids!

2. Swap out utensils that contain lead: Exchange all crystal decanters and dishes that contain lead for healthier options. Here’s how to set the green family table.

3. Swap out plastic: Package food in glass and skip containers #3, #6, and #7 by understanding kitchen plastic.

4. Swap out Teflon-coated cookware: For healthier options choose stainless steel, glass, or porcelain-coated pans. Trash the Teflon.

5. Swap out disinfectants: Check your soap, sponges and sprays to see if they are made with triclosan or other synthetic disinfectants. Go instead for natural soap with antibacterial essential oils.

6. Swap out scented candles: Eschew toxic soot and fumes for a 100 percent pure beeswax candle that also works as a natural air freshener.

7. Swap out pesticides: Avoid any and all synthetic pesticides or pesticide servicing for integrated pest management and choose non-toxic alternatives.

8. Swap out food additives: Avoid high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, preservatives, and other less-than-whole foods. Check out our healthy recipes instead.

9. Swap out silicone bakeware: Return to metal utensils and cookie pans until the science about silicone is worked out. Opt for the Precautionary Principle.

10. Swap out all cleaning products that have a “signal word” that is stronger than a “caution.” Clean the oven for the holidays with baking soda, no elbow grease, and no fumes. Find other non-toxic formulas and approaches.

11. Swap out your gas stove: Substitute an electric stove instead. Sorry! Gas stoves produce carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.


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