Tour Offers Women A New Way

They said it couldn’t be done… and I wanted to see if I could.

That’s what she told me. Marvelously sassy, don’t you think? My inner-teenager shrieked with joy for her rebellion. She is Robin Rice and I was asking about her ‘Awesome Women Hub’ page on Facebook (which enjoyed a 15,000 woman strong following after only eight months). My page is nearing 600 strong in about the same about of time. So, naturally, I pulled the old inquiring-minds-want-to-know move and was further confused by what I learned. She isn’t selling to them. She isn’t making money from the page. It isn’t about building numbers for some future purpose. Genuinely intrigued, I said, “Don’t get me wrong, Robin, I’m grateful you did… I love the HUB but, what was the point? I mean, why did you do it? Why did you start the Awesome Women Hub?”

They said it couldn’t be done… and I wanted to see if I could.

Well, if I could bottle that spirit, certainly I’d be a very wealthy woman by now but that is the essence of Robin Rice. She is an innovator and that whole I wanted to see if I could thread weaves throughout all that she creates. Her books—currently four novels categorized as “living fiction”—feel alive when you’re in them (as opposed to reading them, which is what I normally do with books). My favorite, A Hundred Ways To Sunday, is about Mary Margaret Hathaway and her mostly rebellious spiritual journey to discover and embrace the truth of who she is (my recap, not Robin’s).

Reading that book is a lot like watching two movies, one where the main character is Mary and in the other it’s my story, at the very same time. Every discovery she makes, I make. Every lesson she learns allows me to learn something new about who I am. The experience feels truly magical. So does studying with Robin in either of the courses she is currently teaching—a Daily OM course called The Most Beautiful You EVER… and Walking In Two Worlds: Illumination of “The Way” For Women As Taught Through Contemporary Applications Of Shamanism, Taoism & Alchemy, both available online at I am not an Up Tribe Media (another of Robin’s professional adventures) client but I know a few women who are and they reassure me that Robin’s magic abounds there, as well.

The Awesome Women Hub allows Robin to empower women, to give us the gift of personal empowerment. Rather than trying to do it all for us, she teaches us how to connect with one another, share, and cultivate community by offering support to others, and asking for what we need. The community works because of this (from the HUB’s info page): While it is normally considered tacky to self-promote on other people’s pages, if you are an awesome woman with a positive message, I invite you to post on this page. We awesome women want to find our tribe members… and that means you! We consider this the generosity model of doing “biz” and it resonates with the feminine soul.

We share. We connect. It works. This is the new way of being that I spoke of in my last article… for business and also, for life.

She insists that she isn’t responsible for the HUB’s success, “Sure, I created the page and I manage the page. But, the women who ‘like’ it are the reason it is so successful. They make this page what it is by participating and sharing it with others… .”

And, of course, she’s right. I’ve met fabulous women through the HUB. It wasn’t enough just to see them there on a FB page. We build relationships, something that comes quite naturally to me (and many other women. At least that’s the stereotype, right?). Once we ‘like’ the HUB, comment and share what resonates for us, then we meet others who are like-minded, or who offer what we’re looking for. And when it makes sense, we take the conversation off the page and continue by email or phone, sometimes even out there in the real world where one woman can shake another woman’s hand or give her a hug! Shocking, right?

Robin is, of course, responsible for the ideas and they just keep coming. She recognized that some of the women on the HUB were experiencing extreme financial challenges during the holidays last winter, while others were feeling quite abundant. Robin invited those women who didn’t expect to have gifts under the tree (or whatever you put gifts under) to write her and she matched them up with those who wanted to give. I participated and I can promise you that experience was one which changed many people’s lives forever.

It was around that same time that the I wanted to see if I coulds hit again… and now there is an Awesome Women Hub Tour (and no, this is not another one of those virtual event things. I’m talking about real, live human connections with feet on the ground at one place for a weekend of personal exploration, new way learning, and community-building).  Those who attended the DC and NY events called it a life-changing experience. The LA tour stop is next weekend (July 16-17, 2011) and then the tour comes to my town Nashville, Tennessee, in August (woohoo!). Our big party is followed by New England, Seattle, and Orlando all before the end of 2011.

This series of articles is about finding ‘a new way of being’ because so many of us are struggling to do what we know needs to be done to heal ourselves and our planet.That’s why Care2 even exists, why I have a job as a Life Coach, and why you’re reading this article (and a million other awesome things that are happening that I didn’t mention). The old models for business and relationships (with others and with ourselves) aren’t working for those who do are doing this kind of work. And, they haven’t worked for a long time. Robin Rice is one of the many new way teachers that have come into my life in the last few years and I wanted to share her, the Awesome Women Hub, and this innovative What The World Needs Next Tour with you.

Lastly, I want to invite you to take this opportunity to visit (‘like’ it while you’re there to stay connected) and see how inspiring this tour is. Do it because what the world needs next… is you.

Yes, I said it. The world needs you. It needs you to find your true calling, recognize your passions, and begin to move into alignment with the truth of who you are on a day-to-day basis. Forgive me if that sounds like new age fluff (some people have certainly not taken those words as seriously as one might like while doing their marketing) but my intention is sincere. You have gifts. There are people who need you to inspire, teach, heal, or whatever your thing is. It’s time for us to do it and Robin Rice is one of the teachers who will show us how.

NOTE: In the spirit of full disclosure, I am involved with the Nashville, Tennessee, stop of the Awesome Women Hub’s ‘What The World Needs Next’ Tour but I will in no way benefit financially from you visiting the site to learn more, or even if you chose to attend. This is not one of those affiliate situations where I get paid if you do what I’m recommending. In fact, I’m not really into that. I share because empowering people is what I was born to do. Coaching is what I do for a living, not recommendations.


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Linda J.
Linda Jenney6 years ago

Robin Rice is quite a special woman as is Christy for bringing this to our attention and continuing to light another candle. We can all benefit from this resource when we need support, help, a shoulder or sage advice. May we continue to be good women, nurture good women and raise good women!

Tana M.
Tana D6 years ago

Thanks! Going to check out that page the next time I log onto Facebook and since I'm in Orlando, maybe I'll join in when the Tour is here.

Christy Farr
Christy F6 years ago

Marie W., I don't know of a better way to fight the "War on Women" than to empower women and that's what this is all about.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Time would be better spent fighting War on Women.

Rosemary G.
Rosemary G6 years ago

If I am in town, I would love to give them a tour of LA off the beaten track! I am a professional Travel Facilitator-Interpreter!

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I look forward to meeting them in my town whenever they come through.

Jennifer C.
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Thanks for sharing.

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