Tracking the Rise in Global Consciousness

Since 1981, the United Nations has sponsored an annual International Day of Peace each September 21. The UN asks for a cessation of hostilities globally for 24 hours on that day and for citizens around the world to take at least one minute of silence at noon to pray for peace. Several million people participate each year. The UN’s view is this:

“Since its inception, Peace Day has marked our personal and planetary progress toward peace. Peace building is different from “peacemaking” and “peacekeeping” in that it focuses on creating a long-term culture of peace, rather than solving existing conflicts or preventing old ones from re-occurring. We need to build not only geographical but spiritual bridges between people and strengthen the intellectual, cultural and communication linkages between our societies. (Let us) stand ready to participate in the effort to promote social integration and create a culture of peace.”

In the last decade we have witnessed a rising understanding that perhaps the most critical concern for mankind is environmental sustainability. A degraded environment will hurt all of us. Thus, we are adding to this day a focus on healing the Earth.

Do silence, prayer, or other such activities have a real impact? The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University scientifically “…examine[s] subtle correlations that reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. We have learned that when millions of us share intentions and emotions the GCP/EGG network shows correlations [with physical changes in the earth]. We can interpret this as evidence for a growing global consciousness. It suggests we are capable of conscious evolution. We make the world we live in, and if we work to do no harm, we can create a planetary smile.”

The Global Consciousness Project will record the physical effects of these events and these effects will be broadcasted.

In addition to silent prayer, sound healer Jonathan Goldman notes in The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing, that “sound, frequencies, tones, and vocalizations are all able to boost the power and enhance the effect of our meditations and prayers. Together, these two elements of sound and the consciousness encoded in the sound combine in a synergistic manner to create a truly unstoppable force. … It is no accident that most prayer on this planet is chanted aloud. … Studies on Transcendental Meditation (TM) have also shown the positive effects of meditation … on global events. … There is data to indicate that during peace meditations, violent behavior in areas where these meditations had occurred declined considerably. The power of our consciousness is astonishing.”

We also know that many spiritual traditions use drumming, dancing, and intentional movement (e.g., yoga, tai chi) in addition to silence, prayer, meditation, chanting, and sound in order to create the products of our intentions.

Further, the evidence from the Princeton Global Consciousness Project and from the Transcendental Meditation experiments demonstrate that the larger and more coherent the group, the larger the effect. Larger means more people at the same time. Coherence means that the people are holding the same or similar intention or deep practice–that they, in some way, create a group or global consciousness together.

The New Effort
In 2008 we are beginning to add to the UN’s effort for world peace in several ways:
1. We will add the intent to include a focus on healing the earth in addition to praying for world peace.
2. We encourage groups not only to do silent prayer, and not only for one minute, but meditation, chanting, sounding, dancing, drumming, etc.–any spiritual practice along with an intention aimed at world peace and/or healing the earth, and for as long as people can do it on they day. (Tibetan monks around the world will be chanting the entire day.)
3. We will add numbers to those already participating. We are trying to organize a number of groups, including the UN’s current participants, to hold such an event four times a year–on each equinox and solstice, instead of once annually.

As you can see, we are trying to create the largest single group of people who regularly gather to bring their consciousness into harmony for the good of mankind.

Len Tischler, Ph.D.


Darren Woolsey
Darren W4 years ago

Fascinating... given that the population of the planet has surpassed 7 Billion in the last year, and technology via the medium of the world wide web, and cellphones is on the increase, is it actually possible to track this in any meaningful way? Does consciousness equate to being awake and aware of one's entire planetary body?

And, once all that has been taken into account, is it possible, even for a brief period of the flow of time, to stop reacting to internal and external stimuli that produces the impulse within to act as mechanically as we all do?

I for one am interested in this experiment, as to reduce the amount of warring and aggression prevalent within our world must surely be a positive step forward for mankind's evolution...?

Eric S.
Eric Straatsma8 years ago

World peace will take a miracle. Learn how to create the miracle...

A Course In Miracles Network And Study Group on Care2. A discussion, networking and study group for anyone interested in A Course In Miracles (ACIM).

Youngju Kim
Youngju Kim9 years ago

I also think about the idea of a global consciousness a lot, and I came to a self-conclusion that a global consciousness is an inner awakening. I mean it’s a true realization that you only sense in your deepest heart, not a thought or a calculation of you helping someone in Africa after donating some rice online. It is far higher level than that! As for me, a global consciousness is something spiritual meaning that is not something corporeal as we easily misunderstand.

We must know why we have to change our world first. Not for our egos, not for our fames or respects, but for life that flows with law of nature. We humans are the only creatures that are not in balance with that law. Everything else in the nature moves towards harmony, unity but us. If we change, no, if we begin to think of changing inner selves everybody in the world will start to have rice, all the forests will begin to come alive. We can bring harmony for the good of mankind from within. I recommend this 5-min long video from youtube for everyone who wants to bring inner change in order to make the world greener and better. Let's do it! We can do it!
Youngju Kim

Guido Arnold
Guido Arnold9 years ago

I liked the article very much.
I myself was healed from Fibrosis by using sound frequencies
The sounds are based on measurements of frequencies of diseases. It is quite amazing that Fibrosis for example has the same frequency range in every human being who has it. So it seems that even on the energy level there is globality.

Lianne Lavoie
Lianne Lavoie9 years ago

Is that study at Princeton actually real? Because it looks kinda phony, and not really like something an Ivy League university would be doing. Maybe it's just the presentation of it, I don't know. Anywho, the Day of Peace sounds like a good idea. I'm just saying, all this global consciousness stuff I keep reading about on here lately seems awfully like a new age religion.

Ana Salva
Ana Salva9 years ago

Great article about how to do your part in the world. Global healing is our responsibility.

Ana M. Salvá- San Juan, Puerto Rico

Teresa Echeverria

wonderful article. Ihope many people join us in that kind of actions.

Mary Walsh
Past Member 9 years ago

Global warming....Global peace.

Shirley H.
Shirley H9 years ago

Very Interesting article - something we can all do to help World Peace.