Traveling Tips for Dogs

In Brooklyn where I live there is a great “doggie camp” that our three dogs love to visit when we are away. But it is expensive, and when factored into our vacation budget, which includes travel and accommodations for a family of four, we’re looking at, like, a one-day vacation.

So we began taking them along with us. Our rare plane trips across the country were replaced by road trips to more locally located beach house rentals that take dogs–and we appreciate that our dogs have made this already pretty green family greener. I like some of these tips about traveling with your pooch, and thought I’d share.

When traveling with your dog do you carry a current photograph of your pet with you? If your pet is lost during a trip, a photograph will make it easier for others (airline employees, the police, shelter workers, and others) to help you find him. This is just one of the helpful tips offered by the Humane Society of the United States. Here are some more:

Travel Carriers:
Travel carriers are mandatory when your pet is traveling by air.
Your pet’s carrier should be durable and smooth-edged with opaque sides, a grille door, and several ventilation holes on each of the four sides. Choose a carrier with a secure door and door latch.
Select a carrier that has enough room to permit your animal to sit and lie down but is not large enough to allow your pet to be tossed about during travel.
It is wise to acclimate your pet to the carrier in the months or weeks preceding your trip. Permit your pet to explore the carrier. Place your pet’s food dish inside the carrier and confine him or her to the carrier for brief periods.

For more on preparing your pet supplies for traveling.

By Car
Dogs who enjoy car travel need not be confined to a carrier if your vehicle has a restraining harness to restrain the animal. Most pet supply shops carry a wide range of doggie travel harnesses that buckle into most standard seat belts to secure your dog safely and securely.
It is also a good idea to travel with your pet in the back seat of the car (although, never in the bed of a pick-up truck!), because of the possibility of a front-seat passenger side airbag deploying and causing possible harm to your pet in an accident.
Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car. On warm days, the temperature in your car can rise to 120F degrees in a matter of minutes, even with the windows opened slightly. Furthermore, an animal left alone in a car is an invitation to pet thieves.

For more tips on traveling with your pet by car, visit this page at the Humane Societyof the United States.


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Please do NOT place them in a suit case as seen on the story line!

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Travelling by plane is terrifying for any dog larger than a 5-kilos so-called canine.
Air companies really should open up to actual dogs, not only Chihuahuas and Pinschers. Real dogs don't fit in carriers!

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My Dog in the back seat ....has a blanket,bowl of water and we stop for a break,also she's chiped and she is on my disc on my camera...

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nice dog photo