Try an In-Depth Free Stress & Well-Being Survey

As part of HeartMath’s Nourishing the Heart column for April’s National Stress Awareness Month, we want to offer you a free Stress & Well-Being survey developed by the Institute of HeartMath that you can take. This short science-based survey will provide you with in-depth analysis of your stress and how your stress compares with the community’s average.

The Global Organization for Stress provides a lot of stress facts and statistics, showing how stressed the world is. You can learn more at

The Stress & Well-Being Survey™, we’re offering is an online self-assessment tool that many people are using to regularly monitor their mental, emotional and physical states, enabling them to better manage their stress levels and bring balance back to their lives. Thousands of people have already taken the survey, and are taking an active role in reducing their stress and manage their emotions. Taking the survey monthly or every few months can help you keep tabs on the stressors in your life and track your stress management progress.

The Stress & Well-Being Survey incorporates the Institute of HeartMath’s more than 20 years of research and is perhaps the most comprehensive and accurate assessment tool of its kind available free over the Internet today. The 72-question survey, which takes about 15 minutes, looks in-depth at your stress at home, work, school, and in your relationships. You can sign up for free or login to get started.

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Why Take a Stress Survey?

In today’s world many people might know they’re stressed, but they don’t know where to start when it comes to getting a handle on it. An important factor for relieving and transforming stress is to understand where it is stemming from and how much it is impacting your health, emotional balance, mental clarity, ability to focus and make good decisions. This assessment tool enables people to take a quick inventory of how they’re doing when it comes to stress and their emotional well-being. Then they can start to take intelligent and proactive measures to take back control.

None of us are immune to stress. It’s true that no one person can control all the external events in our lives, but each of us does have the capacity to manage our stress reactions to those, and the Institute of HeartMath, long an international leader in stress research and emotion management, is here to help.

The Stress & Well-Being Survey is a great opportunity to slow down for a few minutes, to do something that could improve the quality of your life. You can preview it at Stress & Well-Being Survey. (You must sign up for free services or login to get started.)


In response to comments from our readers concerning this weeks article:

I do apologize for taking you off the Care 2 site for the Stress & Well-Being survey but because it is a scientific researched-based and the data is anonymously collected to help further the understanding of stress research. I thought an in-depth scientific stress survey might be helpful for some Care 2 readers to have new insights about their stress. Please accept my apologizes. ~Sara Childre


Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey5 years ago

Interesting results. But one has to jump through alot of hoops just to take the survey.

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton5 years ago

Thanks for posting.

ii q.
g d c5 years ago

if it is free, it should really be free with no hidden agendas...

ii q.
g d c5 years ago

having to sign up for FREE stuff stresses us out...

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago

Thank you Kirsten for the warning.

Mary Beth M.
MaryBeth M5 years ago


Roxana Cortijo
Roxana Cortijo5 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

iii q.
g d c5 years ago


Chad A.
Chad A5 years ago

Thank you for introducing this resource

Kirsten B.
Past Member 5 years ago

I did the survey but got totally irrelevant results because whole sections were incorrectly 'scored' - if it is linked to a scoring of no stress or high stress for relationships with a question like 'do you feel you get enough support' - then the answer is in the low stress and the results show that urgent action is required to get more love and support in your life ...

I was unfortunately pretty disappointed and feel like I just totally wasted half an hour of time on it. A pity.