Two Kittens Rescued in Dumpster on Thanksgiving Day

Somehow, no matter where I go, I seem to find animals in need of a little human kindness and help. Maybe, I just pay more attention, maybe I go looking for trouble, or maybe the animals know who to call out to, but whatever the reason I have rescued my fair share of critters from pigeons, owls, seagulls, sparrows, bats, a three-toed sloth, canines and of course, felines. Thanksgiving Day was another one of those days when I was paying attention in the right place at the right time to save two little furballs stuck in a trash dumpster.

For the long Thanksgiving weekend we rented a charming log cabin situated on a 1200-acre ranch in Northern Utah.Because we brought our dogs with us, we had to visit the dumpster daily, so that they would not be tempted to sneak into the house trash bin.After an amazing turkey dinner followed by my stepmother’s homemade apple pie, we made the afternoon trek to the dumpster. We were just about to toss our trash bags into the dumpster when I heard a faint mew.

I peered over the edge and there on the bottom of the dirty cold dumpster were two kittens staring up at me wide-eyed! After assessing the situation I, of course, jumped right in that dumpster and wrapped those kittens up in my warm arms.

One of the kittens, whom we named Oscar (after the infamous trash-loving muppet) was purring and kissing my chin, just tickled pink that someone finally got him out of that nasty place. The other kitten, whom we named Rose, was a bony little thing, shivering and shaking. With an expected night low of 13 degrees I don’t think Rose would have made it through another night in the metal dumpster with no place to get warm, so we found her just in time.

We gave Oscar and Rose a bowl of milk, some turkey and gravy. They gratefully filled their bellies up and before running off, Oscar seemed to wink at us and say “Thank you for a lovely Thanksgiving feast!”

Have you ever rescued a cat or other hapless animal in need? Please share your stories!

UPDATE: Clearly, from my readers’ outraged responses below, I should have added a P.S. to the story, so here it is:

P.S. I wanted to take the kittens to our cabin for the night, but my step-mother is very allergic to cats and we had three big dogs in the cabin with us, so it just was not feasible (believe me, I wanted to and so did my daughters, but we were vetoed by our group).

My daughters and I went back the next morning and discovered that the owner of the ranch feeds these kittens/cats, plus about 10 others who range from domesticated to completely feral. She is also allergic to cats, but is happy to have them around the property as mousers. Apparently, people in the surrounding area have a habit of dumping kittens on their 1,200 acre property…hoping for what, I am not sure….

As for Rose and Oscar, they were part of her ranch mousing team, and said they probably jumped into the dumpster on their own looking for food and then couldn’t get out. I was very happy to hear that at least someone did not intentionally “dump” these kittens! She also mentioned they sleep under the house in a protected area with hay beds.

We visited the kittens twice a day while on our trip to check on their health and well-being. As you can see, Oscar was quite plump, happy and healthy, and Rose recovered in about two days.

I would have been more than happy to take the kittens home, if need be, as we regularly foster cat families, but once I found the owner and understood the situation, we felt okay saying good-bye to our little furry friends.

P.P.S. One final note. I did offer to capture her ranch cats and have them spayed/neutered for free but she was lukewarm about my offer. I gave her my number, if she changed her mind.

Thank you to all of you who care so deeply about the welfare of animals. I only wish there were more people like you!

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Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley6 years ago

I'm so glad everything worked out, and that these two babies weren't alone and lonely after all.
Thank you for your wonderful work with animals--I wish there were more of you too!

Veronique L.
Veronique L6 years ago

Lovely story :-))

paula eaton
paula eaton6 years ago

Thank you for saving these kittens. Some people are heartless and treat animals like an old kleenex.

Sarah Metcalf
Sarah M6 years ago

bless you

Beverly G.
bev g6 years ago

Gud for u. well done t u all. lovely.

River Grace D.
Kathryn D6 years ago

My Callie was dumped outside a K-Mart store a couple towns over. She was so skinny when I got her, and she never got over her penchant for people food. She is quite disappointed that meat rarely finds its way to my table these days. At age 12 she weighs in at @ 14 pounds. Please send best wishes for us to find the right home for her as I may become homeless as of December 31. And anyone out there who knows how to begin and direct a petition, will you help me start one for affordable housing?

Lyndsay G.
Lyndsay G.6 years ago

B R A V O ! ! ! !

Angi W.
Angi B6 years ago

Well done! Glad you found them when you did!

Tamara baus tupesis
Tamara tupesis6 years ago

Cats will always be wild ones!
Thanx for loving their kind!

Margie B.
Past Member 6 years ago

Good Job!!!