Vegetable Boosts Endurance, Helps Prevent Cancer

A study at England’s University of Exeter found that eating foods rich in naturally-occurring nitrates, like beets, improved endurance during exercise.

The scientists studied various substances and training methods to see which, if any, would improve stamina. Beet juice had the greatest effect, improving peoples’ ability to exercise for 16 percent longer than without it, without tiring. Naturally-occurring nitrates have been shown to widen blood vessels and allow more oxygen-rich blood to travel to the heart.

And, while I’m not aware of any studies, I’m sure that the increased stamina and improved circulation from beet consumption may transfer to the bedroom as well.

Another recent study at London’s Queen Mary University found that one glass of beet juice daily was more effective at lowering high blood pressure than medication. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stop taking medication if you have high blood pressure. But, it does mean that adding a cup of beet juice and more beets to your diet could be helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure, angina, and heart disease.

As if that weren’t enough, beets are high in folate, manganese, potassium, and vitamin C. Raw beets or raw beet juice contain betaine–a natural anti-inflammatory that helps protect against aging and disease.

The phytonutrient, proanthocyanidin, that gives beets their rich purplish color is also a potent anti-cancer compound. Meanwhile the fiber found in beets also helps protect against cancer. This particular fiber increases the body’s ability to detect and remove abnormal cells in the body before they can become cancerous.

You can enjoy raw beets grated on a salad or juiced, and cooked beets in soups and stews. I love steamed beets tossed with a little flax oil (don’t cook the flax oil though) and sea salt.

Michelle Schoffro Cook


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I like beets - should have them more often.

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Sharon R.
Sharon R7 years ago

FYI-- Beets have the popular ingredient HCI Betaine in it, which nourishes the pancreas. When we are stressed, it depletes reserves of potassium and magnesium (among other things). The pancreas and heart are among the first to feel the effects of these deficiencies and can become weakened. When this happens, bile production, enzyme production, digestive health and so on can become depressed and sickened, allowing cancer and other serious ailments to enter. So beets helps strengthen the pancreas, which stops the downward cycle somewhat. But it also helps to check one's overall mineral intake. Calcium requires Vit D for absorption (sun- ,food-source or supplements) and it and copper get depleted by overhigh zinc levels (a result of stress and bacterial like Lyme), potassium gets flushed out by stress, magnesium and iodine gets depleted, etc. Also, to get proper levels, potassium supplements are not enough, try salt substitute Nu Salt. And salts no longer necessarily are iodized, so kelp/iodine supplements can be very helpful.

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I keep reading that beetroot is supposed to help lower high blood pressure but I cannot find any evidence on this blood pressure information site -

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