Vegetarian Cinco de Mayo Recipes

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While many Mexican dishes involve meat as their primary focus, there’s also an abundance of dishes out there with alternative sources of protein that are just as, if not more, delicious. I personally find beans, cheeses and whole wheat tortillas to be far more satisfying than any kind of meat dish, and feel much better about indulging in them as well. If you’re hosting a Cinco de Mayo party this weekend, utilize the vegetarian recipes from this healthy Mexican meal round-up, that includes a decadent dessert that you don’t want to miss.

Tortilla Lasagna. Finally, a Mexican-Italian fusion worth getting drooling over. This dish features classic Mexican ingredients like tortillas, corn and black beans, which are nestled into layers and baked lasagna style. My heart swooned the second I saw this idea and will be testing it out in my own kitchen as well.

10-Minute Taco Salad. My favorite things about this meal – besides the fact that it’s vegetarian – are that it’s quick, easy and delicious. While most Mexican restaurants nestle their taco salads into fried shells that have who-knows-how-many calories, this version subs a light bed of corn chips which each individual can control, and calls for chili beans for some extra kick.

Grilled Plantain with Salsa Fresco. Does it get any healthier than grilled fruit and fresh salsa? We think not. If you’ve never tried plantains before, this is the perfect dish to branch out and get a little adventurous with. It’s fresh, flavorful and sure to impress your Cinco de Mayo guests.

Roasted Vegetable and Refried Bean Tostadas. You know a recipe is drool-worthy when you instantly want to make it upon seeing it. That’s what happened with this recipe, as I personally decided to prepare these tostadas for my family the minute I spotted them in my Real Simple Magazine. They pack a serious nutrition punch with tons of roasted veggies and low-fat refried beans, and are the perfect way to fill the family up on the super cheap.

Caramel Flan. This may not be the healthiest dessert you could make, but hey, sometimes you have to cut loose and really celebrate. And what better time to indulge than at a Cinco de Mayo fiesta? The best part about this recipe – besides looking insanely delicious – is that it only requires 5 ingredients. Does it get any more simple than that?

Consider yourself officially equipped to dish up one fabulous and completely vegetarianCinco de Mayo feast. Finally, a holiday meal you can feel good about.


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Vegan Cinco de Mayo Recipes


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