Vegetarian Recipes to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

One of the first holidays of the summer season, Cinco de Mayo is also afood-centric celebration. For many, that means indulging in deliciousMexican specialties. Food-centered fetes can present challenges for peoplefollowing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Happily, Mexican cuisine isfull of options for those who don’t eat meat or other animal products.

Most Mexican restaurants offer vegetarian options on their menu. Theseusually include cheese- and bean-based versions of favorites likeenchiladas and flautas. Often, dishes that are listed on the menu ashaving meat in them can be altered to include only vegetables.Historically, Mexican cuisine, and before that the diet of the Aztecs,didn’t have much in the way of meat. It mostly consisted of grains, fruitsand vegetables. Since the foods are already full of flavor and spice, meatisn’t a necessary component of many Mexican dishes.

One concern that some may have about eating at Mexican restaurants is theuse of lard for cooking. Traditionally refried beans and some other dishesare prepared in lard. That has changed somewhat as people have become moreaware of the health risks posed by consuming lard in large amounts. Ifyou’re concerned, check with the kitchen to see if they use lard in theircooking.

To avoid that concern entirely, try preparing your own vegetarian Mexicanfood at home. By controlling the ingredients and spice level, you cancreate food that suits your flavor and dietary desires. No Mexican mealwould be complete without guacamole. This recipe uses Serrano peppers togive the overall flavor an extra kick. The guac can then be used as atopping for your favorite dish or just eaten on its own with chips.

The Serrano pepper can also be used in a salsa. Spicy and sweet flavorscomplement each other, so the combination of thepeppers and pineapple inthis salsa is a great balance. The base of the salsa is tomatillos whichgive it even more of a unique flavor.

For something a little heartier, try slow-cooked stuffed peppers. Thestuffing for these combines tempeh, green chiles, corn and a variety ofspices. Though specific ingredients are listed, think of your peppers asempty shells, and stuff them with whichever flavors you enjoy best.

Have a happy, and delicious, Cinco de Mayo!


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