Veggie Burger Sliders for Father’s Day

By Dana Shultz for Diets In Review | photo via istock

If your dad isn’t the meat-eating type, feed him something a little more animal-friendly this Father’s Day: a healthy spread of mini veggie burger sliders! It doesn’t get much more creative, healthy or earth-friendly than that.

All of the recipes below are vegetarian friendly with vegan options. Sub flaxseed eggs for real eggs, and leave out the cheese or use Daiya to avoid dairy. And instead of shaping these into full-size burgers, pair them down to slider portions so dad can get a hearty taste of all five.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers. Ever since spotting this recipe a month or so ago, it’s been firmly planted on my list of ‘must try foods.’ The pairing of sweet potato and black beans is already a magical combination. But then shape it into a burger and grill it up and we may just have the most delicious veggie burger your bun’s ever seen!

White Bean Veggie Burgers. White beans make a creamy, moist base for this adventurous burger. Top it with complimentary flavors like cheddar cheese for vegetarians, and lots of spicy mustard for vegans.

Beet and Carrot Veggie Burgers. This may sound like an unlikely combination, but give it a shot. It’s by far the healthier burger on the block with brown rice, sesame and sunflower seeds, grated carrots and beets and lots of flavorful parsley. If the taste doesn’t win over dad’s heart, the vibrant colors certainly will.

Mushroom and Black Bean Burgers. Portobello mushrooms and black beans are relied upon as stand-alone flavors in the veggie burger realm quite often. But combining the two takes the flavor complex to a whole new level. Plus, a healthy pinch of cumin and garlic will be sure to make this a crowd favorite.

Mile High Veggie Burger. Keep things simple with this last one and purchase some of your favorite store-bought veggie burgers. Trim the edge of the patties if they won’t fit on the buns, or slice them in half. And then, like the recipe says, stack them high with creative condiments and veggies like avocado slices, diced tomato, hummus, hot sauce and more!

And with that, have a Happy – and healthy – Father’s Day!


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