Violet Rosewater for a Mother’s Day Splash

Get in the swing of spring with this refreshing splash perfect for Mother’s Day. You can use it in your bath, or as an after-bath splash. You can even sprinkle it on linens for a bit of fragrance.

So easy to make, so many ways to use it—and the sweetness of roses and violets will be sure to lift your mom’s spirits.

2 cups distilled water
4 tablespoons vodka
˝ cup chemical-free dried rose petals
˝ cup fresh violet flowers

1. Combine the ingredients in a sterilized glass bottle.

2. Swirl the contents gently.

3. Store in a cool, dry place for a week.

4. Strain out the flowers using a strainer lined with muslin or an unbleached paper coffee filter.

5. Bottle and enjoy.

Adapted from “Perfumes, Splashes, and Colognes” by Nancy M. Booth (Storey Books, 1997). Copyright (c) 1997 by Nancy M. Booth. Repreinted by permission of Storey Books.
Adapted from “Perfumes, Splashes, and Colognes” by Nancy M. Booth (Storey Books, 1997).


Elizabeth P.
.7 years ago

another twenty points for the animals ...

Ecodiva Green
Ecodiva Green8 years ago

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Vegan Stuff
Past Member 8 years ago

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Nigina T.
Nigina Tesei9 years ago

Sounds wonderful, thanks a lot,Annie!!!

pickerel weed
rosemary weston9 years ago

nice picture, but shouldn't it be violets? i wonder how strong the scent would be...can you drink it too?

Cathi Hartline
Cathi Hartline9 years ago

thank You I will try to make this for ma daughters as I am irritated by these smells, but my daughters like them! I appreciate it! Cathi

Marian G.
Marian G9 years ago

Rebecca L., distilled water can be found in many grocery stores along with bottled drinking water. Here in the midwest USA it's about $1 per gallon. Local drug stores also carry it. Sometimes it is in the "baby" aisle, but watch the label and sometimes the price is higher. Strange.
Rebecca D., lilacs would be wonderful! And just now in season. Good luck with your creations, everyone.

Jackson Scheerer
Jackson A9 years ago

My background is FILLED with violets... this sounds nice!

Rebecca L.
Rebecca L9 years ago

Where do you get distilled water?

Eric G.
Eric Gilmartin9 years ago

Mom would love this stuff!