FlutterFrog Actually Flew

Care2′s FlutterFrog–the eco-friendly flying contraption with a giant frog’s head and a butterfly’s body–took flight today at the RedBull Flugtag competition in Portland, Ore.

After performing a perfectly executed song and dance entitled “Care2 in the Skies of Portland,” the FlutterFrog was launched off a 24-foot pier and managed to fly a whopping 40 feet before splashing into the river.

Scoring extremely well, the team received a 7 (out of 10) from each of the judges. And, unlike many of the flying contraptions, the FlutterFrog managed to stay intact, even after landing.

While the team didn’t take the grand prize, they definitely won the crowd’s affections. And according to the team, the entire experience was fabulous. In fact, they are already talking about their design for next year’s event.

Thanks to all who supported the Care2 FlutterFrog team. For more on the FlutterFrog, click here. And stay tuned for more photos and stories from the event.


Tim Cheung
Tim C6 years ago


Laura Sierra
Laura Sierra9 years ago

yeah!!it flew!!it flew!! who cares that you didn't get grand prize..it flew! you all had fun, yes? thats what counts..maybe next year i can help.

Meredith Neria
Meredith Neria9 years ago

such an inspiring effort! Go Care2 team!!

Laverne H.
Laverne H.9 years ago

Voting for Flutter Frogs.Go big green froggy flies! ndswede2