Wait, Wellness Is WEARABLE Now?

What if the clothes you wear could help you feel more energetic, more relaxed and more balanced? What if they could make your skin more hydrated and even help you lose excess weight? Technical wellness fabrics have long been a futuristic dream, but this isn’t The Jetsons technology anymore—these fabrics are here now.

Now, these aren’t smart fabrics. They won’t connect to your phone and tell you anything about your health, but they do help your body feel and perform its best. It’s not really a new idea. We already have clothing infused with sun protection and mosquito repellent, but while those are protectors, these new wellness fabrics are more enhancers.

Is it a gimmick? Let’s take a look one of the big players, what this fabric claims to do and figure out if they actually work.

Getting ready


(designed for energy, improved circulation and athletic recovery)

You may have heard of Celliant—they’ve recently partnered with Under Armour in their Tom Brady Athlete Recovery Wear. Their fabric is imprinted with bioceramic nanoparticles that help convert the body’s natural heat into far infrared energy.

Infrared is well-known to improve circulation and detoxification, which is great for athletes looking to recover from tough workouts.

While this may sound a little gimmicky, science is on its side. An independent study suggested that these type of fabrics can improve weight loss, circulation, muscle recovery, PMS cramps, cellulite, and overall health.

My Experience with Celliant Wellness Wear

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, an Under Armour recovery wear onesie infused with Celliant tech recently came into my possession. I’ve been sleeping in it, and it seems like it really does have some beneficial effects.

I found myself sleeping more deeply and feeling great upon waking—although that could be due to the sheer delight of sleeping in a onesie. Others have also reported sleep-boosting benefits.

But does it help with my muscle recovery? Without an extensive lab setup, I have no way of truly knowing, although some wearers have reported reduced swelling after workouts when using the recovery wear.

Either way, it’s incredibly comfortable, makes me feel good and has science is one its side. I’m in.

woman sleep in eye patch in grey bed. copy space

Other Wellness Textile Brands

Celliant isn’t alone in this new industry niche. There are loads of other wellness textiles on the market that deal with other aspects of wellness.

There’s Soft-Tex, which is using unique micro-encapsulation technology to infuse bedsheets and fabrics with aloe, CBD, copper and more to improve sleep and skin health. There’s Nilit, a coffee charcoal infused nylon fabric that absorbs odors and sweat. SeaCell has infused textiles with seaweed, boasting that its antioxidant properties will soothe and protect the skin.

Of course, be a wary consumer. This industry of “cosmetotextiles” is still in its early stages of regulation, and there are reasons to be skeptical. The global wellness industry is worth $4.2 trillion, so watch out for gimmicky products that are simply trying to tap into the revenue stream. Of course, some of these products have real science to back them up, so be open and do your research. These fabrics just may be the future of wellness!

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