Want Glowing Skin? Try Oil Cleansing

Most of us want to our skin to look and feel great, but there’s so much conflicting information on what’s best for it.

I like to say that there are three factors that determine great skin and how it ages:

1. Good genes (Sorry…a third of this is just what your parents gave you!).

2. What we put in our bodies (all those organic veggies are great for your skin, too).

And last, but not least…

3. What we put on our bodies.

One of the simplest and least expensive things we can do to take care of our skin is to use the oil cleansing method.

While there are many wonderful oil cleansing products on the market, you can also simply blend one or two base oils you purchase at the health food store on your own. Jojoba oil is a great way to go for oilier skin; heavier oils like Apricot Kernel or Argan oil are perfect for dry or sensitive skin.

Listen to this excellent episode of Green Divas Radio Show podcast featuring Will Potter, where I talk more about the benefits of facial oil cleansing. You’ll also hear an eye-opening talk with journalist, Will Potter, who wrote the book Green is the new Red. Plus the award-winning documentary filmmaker, Ed Brown will talk about new things happening with his film Unacceptable Levels.

Check out my oil cleansing demo on the next page.

(Note: as a few commenters on my YouTube channel noted, we DONíT want to leave the water running the whole time! Freezing cold bathroom plus well water equals it took forever for the water to heat up in this shot. Be a good Green Diva and shut off the wateróor close the sink and capture it.)

Taking care of our skin doesnít have to be difficult, expensive or full of chemicals. If you liked this demo, take a look at this DIY Lavender Oil Facial Cleanser Recipe as well!

Written by Green Diva Kate Bartolotta for The Green Divas Blog.


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