Want Organic, Hypoallergenic, Fair Trade Goods? They’re Easier to Find Than You’d Think

Online purveyor of natural, eco-friendly goods Abe’s Market recently introduced a comprehensive filtering system to help consumers understand more about what they are buying.

Called “Abe’s Qualities,” the system identified 220 attributes that consumers may desire or want to avoid when shopping for natural goods, then evaluated their over 11,000 products to identify which qualities applied to each product.

“Abe’s Qualities has been designed to provide our customers with an easy way to find out what they need, while simultaneously educating them about what these key product attributes actually mean,” said Richard Demb, CEO and Founder of Abe’s Market.

The company hopes to make it easier for consumers to navigate the many, often confusing eco-labels like Certified Fair Trade, BPA Free, sustainable and the like. They explain what each quality means and why it is important. Choices such as Made with Upcycled Materials, GMO Free, Made by Hand or Supports a Developing Country help customers find exactly the product they’re looking for. Those on a special diet can find foods that are diabetic-friendly, kosher, vegan, vegetarian or even Paleo Diet or Raw Diet friendly.

To test it out, I looked for a snack food that would be gluten-free, fair trade and free of artificial colors. Forty two items came up, including Walnut Flaxseed Truffles, Maple-Nut Munches and Peanut Butter Honey Bars. From there, clicking on each product gives a full list of its qualities. The Peanut Butter Honey Bars had thirty two qualities associated with them. In addition to the descriptors I had chosen, I discovered they are low in salt, made in the United States with clean energy, and the business is owned by a woman. The filters were easy to use and showed up on the sidebar so could be quickly changed if wanted.

“Abe’s Qualities required thousands of hours of research, curation, computer algorithms and strategy, resulting in an incredible go-to resource for today’s most conscientious and lifestyle savvy shoppers,” said Shai Davis, Director of Product for Abe’s Market. “The fluidity and depth of this system is a testament to the scope of work undertaken by our tech team, contracted experts and thousands of merchants, all of whom worked diligently to ensure the most comprehensive and useful quality database imaginable.”

For frequent users of Abe’s Market, the system allows shoppers to save which qualities they always want. A vegan can choose to never have to browse through non-vegan products, or someone allergic to scented home and body products can choose to only shop for unscented ones whenever on the site.

Abe’s Market was founded in 2009 to give health and environmentally-conscious consumers an online superstore with the feel of a local organic market. It strives to stand out by connecting its sellers with its buyers through the telling of their stories beyond what the label says.


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Written by Sarah Shultz for Diets in Review


Sara C.
Sara C.4 years ago

Also the Natural Products Tour starting later this year will be introducing a lot of natural brands to many of the nations Universities. Natural is in now, if you're not using natural, you may not be around for long.

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Becky Holland4 years ago

awesome, i love more resources.

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if you like hemp, organic cotton

bed, clothes, towels etc


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Betty C4 years ago

I'm heading to "Abe's" , to check it out now. Thanks Care2 for all the good info you find for me. You save me time and money !

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Elisabeth T4 years ago

Thanks for the info....

Garnet Jenny Fulton
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What a neat little find. Sounds like this company is ahead of the game knowing just what customers truly do need.

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