Vegetarian Burritos (3 videos)

In these summer days, why not try making your own tasty vegan burritos? Here are three interesting recipes, take your pick. Mushroom and Shiitake on page 1, BBQ Tempeh Corn Tortilla on page 2, and ‘Throw Anything In’ on page 3.

Make a Mushroom Bean Burrito

This video shows you how to make a delicious vegan shiitake mushroom and refried bean burrito. The camera looks down from above so it is easy to follow the whole process.

There are a lot of unusual ingredients, available at your health food store, but you will probably want to make a few changes, based on what you have in your kitchen. Thatís easy to do with a burrito.

Next up, on page 2, is a BBQ Tempeh Corn Tortilla Burrito. Yum.

Photo credit: Greencolander

BBQ Tempeh Corn Tortilla Burrito

Ready for something a little more unusual? This doesnít even look like a burrito. Itís called an open face burrito. But, hey, itís all the same when it gets into your belly.

Again we look down as our cook stirs in tempeh, canned chili beans, and some other mystery ingredients (watch for them), then tops them with two corn tortillas. When itís all done some sprouts, avocado, tomato, and shredded daikon top it off.

Yummy. Iíll bet youíve never tasted a burrito like this.

You can really use your creativity, and whatever is in your pantry, for the next video, on page 3.

Photo credit: scaredy kat

Throw Anything In Burrito

OK, so youíve checked out the two recipes above and they look delicious, but you are going to have to make a trip to your health food store for all those fancy ingredients. No burrito tonight?

This vegan lady takes a different approach. Whatever you have, whatever you like, throw it in the pan. Here she uses potatoes, onions, green pepper, black beans, and spices to make her own unique burrito.

Thatís what weíve been waiting for. Next time it will be unique again, but different. See how easy it is.

Photo credit: Woodtang01


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