Ways to Bring Love Into Your Home

The heart always has room for one more person, one more relationship. It always opens wider to accommodate whether the relationships are romantic, parental, unconditional, for oneself, or more.

Sometimes life gets a bit complicated, however, and we can use some help bringing more love into one or another area of our life. Here are recommendations for specific crystals, essential oils, and Feng Shui fixes, to enhance the love in these important relationships:

Unconditional Love
Enhancing unconditional love is invaluable for your self. Once you are more compassionate with yourself you become more compassionate towards others.

Stones That Radiate Unconditional Love
Rose quartz

Essential Oils to Open Your Heart
Lemon oil
Rose Absolute

Feng Shui Colors For Compassion
Color peach, or coral

Decorating To Increase Unconditional Love
Kwan Yin statuary

Romantic Love
What romantic relationship couldnít use some help with special oils and vibrations of romance? Here are some enhancements for your love life:

Aphrodisiac Essential Oils
Cardamom: A tonic for the body, helps libido
Jasmine: Harmonizing sensual with emotional parts of ourselves.
Geranium: Receptive, intimate, sensual
Ylang Ylang: Sweet, floral

Tangerine: Soothing for the mind and emotions
Note: Pure romantic oil blends are available from Sacred Moments

The Stone To Enhance Romance

Feng Shui for Romance
Put red roses, red tulips, or another red flower, in the love section of the home, which is the back right from the entranceway.

Family Harmony
Every family has difficulties at times, and there is some energetic help from the plant and stones to the rescue!

Plants for Harmony
Three plants for family harmony include pansies for thoughtfulness, hydrangea for devotion, and Australian daisies for joy.

Feng Shui Harmonizer
Fresh, healthy plants in water stimulate health and harmony.

Harmony Enhancing Essential Oils
Yarrow: Mollifying and healing
Sandalwood: Unity
Peppermint: Tolerant

Jasmine: Harmony

By Annie B. Bond


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