4 Ways to Use Pumpkins

While we may miss the warmth of the beautiful orange orb in the sky when the chilly winds of fall blow in, at least plenty of other beautiful orange orbs abound: pumpkins! They’re the quintessential fall crop, great for decorating our doorsteps and filling our autumn kitchens with the comforting aroma of pumpkin pie. If you haven’t stopped by a local pumpkin patch yet, now’s the time. When you do, here are four fun things to do with the pumpkins you bring home.

1. Make empanadas with sweet pumpkin filling.

If you don’t do much cooking or baking with pumpkins, you’re missing out. The mild flavor of pumpkin makes a great base for many dishes and complements a variety of spices well. In this article, you’ll learn about three “phunky pumpkin” varieties (save that info for next year!) and find a great recipe for pumpkin empanadas.

2. Carve your best pumpkin ever.

Jack-o’-lanterns are a wonderful fall tradition for many families. Follow†these simple pumpkin carving tricks, and you’ll impress even your most menacing trick-or-treaters this year.

3. Make delicious roasted pumpkin seeds.

All that goop you scoop out of your pumpkins while carving doesn’t have to go to the compost pileóthose seeds will make a great snack! These pumpkin roasting instructions include great ideas for seasoning blends depending on whether you like your roasted seeds sweet, spicy or zingy.

4. Make “pumpkin people” decorations.

For a Halloween decorating project that requires minimal supplies and provides maximum family fun, make some pumpkin people. They’re the perfect props for a harvest scene on your porch or in your yard.

What are your favorite ways to use pumpkins?

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