We Are Pure Awareness

The path to love is all about expansion. Love pulls you out of ego boundaries, and when you are dedicated to acting from love, you are able to live in spirit. Many of the most important themes are:

  • Seeing your beloved as a mirror of your higher Self.
  • Surrendering to love as a guiding force.
  • Letting go of attachment to the false self and its needs.
  • Devoting every day to achieving true union and healing the wounds of separation.

Countless people live with their beloved without following any of these principles; their love doesnít provide a strong enough basis to escape their old conditioning. Until they discover the spiritual path, few are able to heed the voice of spirit, which speaks intuitively.

If only you perceived it, you are already in a state of ecstasy that is permanent and unshakable. But only at moments when your boundaries fade away do you have flashes of reality. Then direct intuitive knowing becomes possible, and you can see yourself for who you are, sublime and ecstatic.

When self-realization dawns, there is no longer any question of struggle or effort. The spirit guides you to do whatever is called for, according to your own makeup. In reality universal love requires only one thing, that the sweet point in the heart expand until bliss and peace become the nature of our life. This first happens within individuals, then it happens to relationships based on spirit, finally it extends to whole families and societies.

A single point in the heart can expand to liberate the world.

Ecstasy is therefore not an individual feeling at all but a glimpse of the wholeness waiting to be seen everywhere.

Adapted from The Path to Love, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 1997).


Mel M.
Past Member 6 years ago

Thanks for the article

Emma S.
Emma S6 years ago

I like the idea that our natural state of being is ecstasy!

Deborah Wasko
Past Member 6 years ago

When your release of self is replaced with open, unconditional love and not fear, great things begin to happen.

Granted there are setbacks from time to time that reintroduce fear and closure to the process.

Don't stay there ... revisit, rethink, reconnect.

Mary B.
Mary B7 years ago

As I understand it, the kind of 'love' that Dr.Chopra is refering to is a spiritual energy/force that flows thru your body and out into the world toward the object of your attention.The ego personality has no real power except that of reactive emotion. It's not like you can restrain that for long, but you can talk yourself back from it and allow this Universal power to to use your body/mind system as it's Earthly terminal. While that is happening, you do indeed feel compassion, bliss, and knowing of a larger perpective. After awhile it becomes easier to stand down and let this pure awareness do it's thing.What does it do? Well, we can only look for evidence of it's work in the world. How would any of us act if we were filled with compassion and greater understanding? What if our thoughts took on a higher nature? I think most of the ego based conflicts would stop, we might be more respectful of differences, yet still not tollerate terrible behavior.I think we'd find new ways of dealing with cruel hateful people.But it starts with our own selves.

Bb La Desh
.7 years ago

Excellent as always; thanks!

Doing my best to follow spirit in love.

Diane Wayne
Past Member 7 years ago

Thank you.

Kerry Stuparitz
Kerry G7 years ago

great! thanks for this:)

Susan N.
Susan N7 years ago

good post

Joel Scott S.
Joel Scott S7 years ago

Not only love can expand ourselves, but through smiling, holding hands, and hugging we can attach to each other.

Kathy K.
Kathy K7 years ago

I really appreciate the comment about ecstasy being a glimpse of the wholeness. thanks.