Wear Nothing New

“I’m Jessi, and this is my suitcase. But before I show you what I’ve got inside, I’m going to make a very public confession, and that is, I’m outfit obsessed…But I don’t buy anything new.”

This is how the TEDtalk, Wearing Nothing New begins…

Designer, Jessi Arrington has tons of cool outfits but brings only a week’s worth of underwear to her TEDtalk. She was betting that she’d be able to find everything else she would want to wear when she got to Palm Springs (she lives in Brooklyn) in thrift and secondhand shops.

“And since you don’t know me as the woman walking around TED in her underwear — that means I found a few things.”

Jessie proceeds to show the TED crowd her new week’s worth of outfits, and shares highlights of her shopping adventures in wearing nothing new. Before she returns to Brooklyn, her plan was to donate everything back.

The lesson she learned during her week is that it’s okay to let go of stuff. Jessie is trying not to get emotionally attached to these beautiful things, because she’s discovered that around the corner, there is always going to be another crazy, colorful, shiny outfit just waiting for her.

I’ve written about zero-waste clothing design and clothing companies that challenge consumers to be more thoughtful about their purchases by discouraging excess, and needless consumption. But if you are an eco-fashionista with a penchant for colorful, stylish outfits that truly embody a model of conscious consumption, you’ll find this talk inspirational.

Check out Jessi Arrington’s blog, Lucky So and So. What are your thoughts about thrift shop clothing?


Ann F.
Ann F6 years ago

i love thirft shopping :)

Elizabeth Brawn
Elizabeth Brawn6 years ago

thanks for sharing

dawn w.
Dawn W6 years ago

She's lucky she can find clothes that fit her at thrift stores.I'm hard to fit and have trouble finding even new clothes that fit well,I never find anything in thrift stores.Wish I could.

Jessica Peardon
Jessica Peardon6 years ago

I love wearing hand me downs and shopping at thrift stores!

Annemarie W.
Annemarie L6 years ago

thanks! I try to wear my clothes until they are unwearable... I've had jeans for years and years that are still holding up!

Jeanne J.
Jeanne J6 years ago

Interesting, Thanks for article...

Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan6 years ago

I live in the UK and the prices have gone up considerably in charity shops and sometimes there is no difference between new and second hand.

Patricia G.
Patricia G6 years ago

Great! Thanks.

Jos� Mar�a Olmos Sant
Jose Maria O6 years ago

Thhanks for sharing this

Carmen Harris
Carmen Harris6 years ago

Clothes are expensive nowadays (depending on where you shop and when). I only get clothes if I need it, since I don't earn a lot. And then clothes that I don't wear anymore, I give them to someone else.