Weekend DIY Project: Kitchen Chalkboard for Less Than $25

I love the look of a framed chalkboard, but those suckers are expensive! Heres how to make your own for under $25!

This is actually a refresh of a project that I did many years ago. The before picture is long gone, but trust me when I tell you that underneath that pretty chalkboard is some seriously terrible hotel art. The type that you would paint over without a second thought.

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If you keep an eye out, I bet that you can find some terrible art by the side of the road too! You can also check yard sales and thrift stores to score something with good bones. The trick is to look at the shape and texture of the frame, not the art or any of the colors.

How to Make a Framed Chalkboard

Materials (TOTAL: $17-$23)

  • horrible hotel art in a cool frame – Mine was free by the side of the road. FREE
  • chalkboard paint – Even my big piece of art used hardly any paint, so this little jar will more than do the trick. $7
  • old paint brush – You know you have one stashed somewhere! FREE
  • spray paint – Pick your favorite color! I used lime green to go with my new kitchen. $5-$10
  • painter’s tape – I had some on hand, but this stuff’s not too pricey. $5-$6


1. Use your big paint brush to paint the chalkboard paint right over the ugly art. Follow he package directions for drying times! I let mine dry overnight before moving on to the next step.

2. Tape over the chalkboard paint. All of it. Leave no paint untaped! Spray paint will not be wrangled.

Make a DIY Kitchen Chalkboard for Less Than $25

3. Spray light coats of spray paint over the frame until you have a nice, even coat. Let the paint dry for about an hour before removing your tape.

Make a DIY Kitchen Chalkboard for Less Than $25

If you want to be extra fancy and add a hanging eraser, you can check out my tutorial on how to make one! I just used a simple screw-in hook, so my eraser hangs right next to our chalkboard.

Make a Kitchen Chalkboard for Less than $25

This is the framed chalkboard after 3-4 coats. I will admit that my memory got a little hazy midway from the fumes, despite doing the painting outside.


Mike L.
Mike L.3 years ago

Anytime I can do anything that quirky for under $25, I'm in!

Carol P.
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I look, but I never find attractive picture frames for cheap.

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so cool sharing

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Good idea and you don't need an electronic device to achieve it!

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