Were Ancients More Evolved?

According to a commonly held idea, ancient cultures saw a unified creation, while we moderns look on a fragmented and divided world. The decline in faith has been blamed for this, as has the absence of myth, traditions, and social bonding.

But I believe the opposite is true: The ancient way of understanding could barely explain a sliver of all the phenomena in nature, while physics today is on the verge of a “theory of everything.”

The eminent physicist John Wheeler makes a crucial point when he says that before Einstein, human beings thought that they were looking at Nature “out there,” as if through a plate glass window, trying to figure out what external reality was doing.

Thanks to Einstein, we realize that we are embedded in Nature; the observer changes reality by the very act of observation. Therefore, despite a widespread feeling of psychological alienation (the result of technology’s outstripping our ability to keep meaning alive), the duality of man and nature is shrinking with each successive generation.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 2004).


Heidi H.
Past Member 5 years ago

This is also a basic Judaic idea also. It is a belief, which states that our ancestors were closer to God. It's a good thought for reflection.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

thanks but there is simply more to the world than this....

heather g.
heather g5 years ago

Quote : "the duality of man and nature is shrinking with each successive generation"

I almost believe this state of evolution referred to in the article - However, I would like to witness this in my daily life as something occurring commonly.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago


Dot A.
Dot A5 years ago

Change IS Constant

While Deepak is making a profit - some will feel jealous envy. I don't see a gun pointed at anyone's head to give Deepak even a penny. Free will prevails. Our changes are exponentially altering our lives. Adaptations are required faster than we can assess the necessary actions to make the best of our situations. Some go for the monetary gain. Some seek wisdom. Some desire to find solutions. On and on,.... We strive for balance in a topsy turvy social hurricane. Our best actions are always most valuable for the larger picture. Each one of us has a 'best' to offer. Let each one of us do our best at what we are good doing. If we are economically gifted, let the gains improve our world. If we are insightful and wonderfully wise, let those thoughts be shared for the hope of improving someone else's lot in life. If we are geniuses of some particular science, let that brain power do great things for our planet and the life living upon it. There are some who prefer to stay in the 'familiar' range of knowledge and attitudes. We are all still human: with human dignity, with human suffering, with human weaknesses. Being compassionate is always in style. Justice precedes love. It inevitably comes.

Reading good thoughts is a relatively benign behavior. Deepak's blogs are good thoughts~

Brian M.
Past Member 5 years ago

The ancients were neither more evolved nor more intelligent. While many ancient myths and teaching do have surprising insights and wisdom into the natural world, the ancients were preoccupied with myth, religious dogma, and superstition. There were many things that they just plain got wrong. The earth IS round and it DOES orbit the sun...not the other way around. Stars are actual celestial bodies, NOT pinholes in the fabric of night. Likewise, plague is best cured by decent public sanitation and pest control, NOT bleeding, leeching, or by driving out the evil spirits.

The problem with the modern world is NOT what we know or even how we know it.The problem with us is what we DO. We all know climate change is going to kill us, but how many people have actually taken to the streets to demand the government do something? How many people have even bothered to replace their incandescent lights with more energy efficient bulbs? We know that we are on the wrong path, but we still do the wrong things. That is neither a failure of our evolution or of our knowledge. It is a failure of moral will.

Michael Kirkby
.5 years ago

Vlad you hit the nail on the head. BTW people pay him millions of dollars in seminars and books and CDs. The sad part is that people, the answers are always inside yourself. Read the Tao Te Ching or even with the word "god" removed, Ecclesiates and Proverbs. Of course the passages from some of those do need revision. I don't believe in gods or goddesses but I do believe in the interconnectedness of all things. The shamans knew it and their descendants in many cases have made quite a comfortable living off of it [religion]. My Chinese friend tells me the leader of Falun Gong lives in a very nice estate in New Jersey; and the CIA continues to pay the Dhali Lama and his monks a handsome monthly stipend to foment unrest in Tibet [oodles of resources there]. Bhodisatve, gonna sell my house and cars; shine up all your china, polish up pans.....

Dot A.
Dot A5 years ago

who knows everything??????????

so - cut the 'topping'

sharing ideas and concepts is fun

we're all here to enjoy the process
not get dumped on by 'the know alls'
who just dump upon anyone's 'different to themselves'

go find your own 'fun' on another 'we know it all' section
as your 'dumping' doesn't contribute anything worthy of reading

if you contribute
please don't be so GD critical

thank you~

Noelle Halter
Noelle Halter5 years ago

The "God particle" was originally called the "Goddamn particle." It has nothing to do with "God" in the religious sense, in case anyone felt confused about that.

Elena Racansky
Elena Racansky5 years ago

Vladimir M, one of the things he refers to here is the finding of what is known as the 'God particle'. The next step is to see if we can find what is known as a 'singlet'. With that, there is such a huge potential, though still theoretical to even break thru the three dimensions. This is extremely exciting and can give us a huge understanding of how things work. So, yes the ancients were closer to nature and understood it very well at one level, but with this we can begin to understand things that they never even considered...