Whale Festival in Hawaii

The Pacific Whale Foundation, located in Maui, is hosting their annual whale festival, starting off with an open house November 26. Visitors can meet the researchers and staff, and tour research labs, and classrooms. The point of their Welcome Back the Whales celebration is to mark the annual return of humpback whales in Hawaiian waters, including Maui. They spend November to May in Hawaii for breeding. The Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary is one of the humpback whales most important habitats.

The Pacific Whale Foundation studies whales and other marine life in the Maui area for the purpose of conservation. They are a licensed non-profit organization. They are known for offering many boat tours in the local waters for whale-watching and snorkeling. The money they earn by giving these tours, goes to funding whale research projects. Three and one half million visitors have learned about marine conservation on their boat tours.

For those who participate in the Welcome Home the Whales event, there will be a discount on artisan pizza the same day. Additionally on the 26th there will be whale watching tours, and those are also discounted.

On December 2nd, there will be two special cruises. The first one includes music and dancing with appetizers and drinks. The second is at night for stargazing, due to the many stars visible because of the lower light pollution in Maui. Harriett Witt, an astronomy writer and speaker will narrate the tour. Food and drink are also available on this cruise. It will be offered again one week later on December 9th, as well.

PWF is offering many whale-related events throughout December and the following months, including a fun run and a golf tournament. Check their schedule to see what they are.

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