What are You Addicted to?

Admit it. There must be something. Addiction may sound like a strong word, something we tend to associate with hard drugs or alcoholism, but in reality we all have addictions. Some of us are addicted to overeating, others to surfing the internet or watching television. Some of us are addicted to shopping or overworking. The form our addictions take may change, but in reality all addictive behavior stems from the same need: the need to distract ourselves from what we are feeling inside.

The sense of incompletion is something our society has decided to ignore. Instead of trying to find fulfillment within, we spend our lives accumulating, obtaining, trying to hide the sense of dissatisfaction beneath sensory stimulation and gratification. The problem is, these experiences can cover up the truth momentarily, but they cannot make it disappear. When the high has passed, we crash down again. Ultimately, we must turn inwards and deal with the pain inside if we want to feel permanent relief.

The reason we have such difficulty being with ourselves is that we have lost sight of our true essence; what I call love-consciousness. Love-consciousness is the experience of absolute freedom and joy that lies within all of us, but that due to all the things we have been through in our lives, has become hidden from view. It lies beneath layers of self doubt, resentment and frustration, accumulated through the disappointments and traumas of a lifetime. It hasn’t gone anywhere; we have simply become distracted, so accustomed to looking outside of ourselves for completion that we have forgotten where to find it.

The only way to heal addictive behavior is through love of self. Just as non smokers quickly gain weight, cutting away the leaves of a habit is not the solution; new foliage will grow back soon enough. If you want to be free of addiction, heal the root. Go inwards and fill the emptiness with love. Then your addictions will fall away by themselves, for there will be no hole left for them to fill.

Isha Judd is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author; her latest book and movie, Why Walk When You Can Fly? explain her system for self-love and the expansion of consciousness. Learn more at www.whywalkwhenyoucanfly.com.


Dot A.
Dot A4 years ago

funny how time has re-enforced an addiction to 'peace' in my life, and at the core of peace is love,... guess we all like that really,... when we think about it. while each of us takes our personal journey to get there, it's peace we seek,...

and peace is an aspect of love~

Shakespeare, (see link) was the first recorded writer to use addiction, as a relatively neutral word with a sense something like “strong inclination”


so, it appears that our actions are based in the attempt to achieve a sense of peace, love and harmony

how we go about doing it will determine our ultimate satisfaction of achieving it

all of life is a relationship with how we relate (relationships) with our-selves, our-reality and our-percieved extended world

when we view all as an expression of love (and peacefulness) we come to a sense of awe about life

we are 'high' on it

and we enjoy sharing - as we do here! ( a peaceful place, mostly, Lol )

Ro H.
Ro H4 years ago


Noreen Niamath
Noreen Niamath4 years ago

I have a very severe addiction - my Kindle-I know I read to avoid my reality. I consider it a very safe addiction, but it is still avoidance. I need the moments of getting lost in a murder mystrery or light romance or some paranormal tale, the more unrealistic the better. I am dealing with an 82 year old parent who is suffering a form of dementia among many other complications. I am the primary and sometimes only caregiver and my "addiction" allows me the time to regroup by escaping from my reality for short spells. So some addictions are good.

Robert O.
Robert O4 years ago

Thanks. Some of my addictions are candy, the internet, Care2 and youtube.

Bmr Reddy
Ramu Reddy5 years ago

Thanks for article

Ajla C.
Past Member 5 years ago


Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago

Camilla is right. One needs some pleasure in life.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago

What if I'm addicted to Care2? :-(

Claire Sayers
Claire Sayers6 years ago

I'm addicted to soda. Big time.

Patrick Whyte
Patrick Whyte7 years ago

being in love