What Color is Your Aura?

A colorful and subtle energy field radiates from and around our body called an “aura.” The colors range from white to gold, with all the colors of the rainbow in between, and experts at seeing auras say that each individual aura is like a unique energetic fingerprint. Follow these easy directions to see the colors of your and othersí aura:

The first and most important lesson where aura perception is concerned is that everyoneís perceptual vehicle will be different–but that difference does not make any perception necessarily wrong.

See your own aura first. Hold your hand out against a solid, dark background. If you are having trouble seeing anything, focus your eyes on a point beyond your hand rather than looking directly at your fingers. If you see something like gray mist clinging to the sides of your fingers, youíve had your first perception of an aura!

Go someplace quiet where you wonít be disturbed. Turn the lights down in the room or, if you like, light some candles. Make sure you have enough light to see by but not so much light that it will drown out your subtler perceptions and interfere with your perception of the aura.

Now learn to see anotherís aura. Do this exercise with a friend so you can get some feedback.

For the person whose aura is being read:
* If you want to sit, sit on a stool or a dining chair–something that leaves open space around you, especially at the level of the shoulders, head, and neck.

For the perceiver:
Part One
* Close your eyes, center and relax, with slow and steady breathing.
* When you are ready, open your eyes and look at the space just to one side of your partnerís head. Focus on the curve of the cheek, shifting the point of your focus now and again to avoid the afterimage effect that can be easily mistaken for the aura. You are looking for a grayish mist to appear just above the skin of your partnerís face.

Once you see the shimmer of energy, begin to look more closely to see whether or not you can also perceive colors. The perception of color is generally more an intuitive thing that you “see” with your mindís eye and not with your physical perceptions.

Walk around your partner and view him or her from several different angles, seeing how this changes or enhances what you are able to see.

Part Two
Have your partner take a few moments to concentrate on a specific emotion. Ask them to call to mind a vivid memory of this emotion, and to let you know when they are “there.” Focus on the aura and note what is different this time. Try guessing what emotion your partner is experiencing based on what you see. Tell your partner your impressions, and ask them to indicate to you if you are right or wrong.

Repeat Part Two a few times.

Adapted from The Psychic Energy Code, by Michelle Belanger (Weiser Books, 2007). Copyright (c) 2007 by Michelle Belanger. Reprinted by permission of Weiser Books.
Adapted from The Psychic Energy Codex, by Michelle Belanger (Weiser Books, 2007).


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I have always wanted to get a picture taken of my aura, but never got around to it. Many new age shops offer it through Kirilian photography. It just peaked my interest again, and I will put it back on my wish list!

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so so true seeing auras r so important a God given gift

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Thanks for the idea, I followed the instructions of this article several times and I always see a colour changing from pink to orange. I wonder what this means and why I never see blue or green colours. I regret that the author does not give any explanation about the meaning of the different colours.
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