What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

No one wants to work somewhere they feel uncomfortable, and no one should have to.The excessive text messages or the suggestive note can upset a coworker and damage a work environment.

Read the infographic below to learn what counts as sexual harassment, and where it mostly shows up. If you’ve been sexually harassed, click here to get more help.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Credit: Grey Law


John Doris
John Doris4 years ago

If you or any of your loved ones are made victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, whether by your co-worker, supervisor or employer, our excellent Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers are here to help.

Mary B.
Mary B4 years ago

What would really be useful is a way that even the most timid, afraid of losing the job, person can use to curtail this behavior on their own. Perpetraters only do this because they keep getting away with it. How about start by handing the creep a card with the discription of what is legaly considered sexual harrasment, telling them that they will be reported to the boss, and if the behavior continues, you will personally blast them with a splat ball gun containing non-removable ink and a scent that smells like skunk. Then smile, lower your voice to a rasp, and hiss, "Make my day..."

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Very informative infographic. Thanks for sharing.

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behold, humanity at the pinnacle of its evolution

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Extreme type of getting to someone

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