What Does Enlightenment Feel Like?

In one sense enlightenment is realizing that there is no separate self. The taste of no separate self is totally liberating. But Oneness/enlightenment is not merging. Oneness is when there isnít another. There is no that over there, there is only this. And thatís all there is.

Read here a description of what it feels like to become enlightened, written by Adyashanti, a man who has had such a spiritual awakening:

It is a total waking up outside of time.

This awakening is just like waking up from a dream at night–which is why that metaphor has been used so often throughout the centuries. The dream is as real as this moment. If you think your life is threatened in your dream, youíre going to panic just as much as youíll panic if you think your life is threatened right now. But when you wake up in the morning, you think, ďMy goodness, it wasnít really that real.Ē It was real as dreams go. It existed as dreams exist, but it doesnít have the reality we thought it did when we were in the midst of the dream.

Human beings donít know how significant it is to wake up from a dream in the middle of the night. You literally woke up out of a dimension that you took to be just as true as this dimension. Itís a cataclysmic change of consciousness. Everything that I thought was true in that dream ends up not being true.

When there is a real and authentic spiritual awakening, the impact is exactly the same. Iím not saying this world is or is not a dream–itís pointless to define this world. But I am saying the experience of awakening is exactly like that. Itís the experience of ďMy God, I took myself to be a human being named so-and-so and Iím not. And itís not that Iím something better or bigger or more expansive or more holy or divine. It means Iím not. Period.Ē

When there is awakening to our true nature, our minds are no longer looking at emptiness, because there is no separate somebody to look at it. We realize that the only thing thatís ever looking at emptiness is itself.

There is only this, and as soon as you say what this is, youíve just defined what itís not. This is only realized in the utter demolition of everything that itís not. Then that awakening is an awakening outside of everything that comes and goes.

Enlightenment is a demolition project. It simply shows you that everything you ever believed was true isnít.

This doesnít mean there is not a body. There is obviously a body. There is also a sense of self. Enlightened or not, you will have a sense of self. Otherwise consciousness couldnít work in a body. You can have the experience called a temporary cessation of the experience of self, but I guarantee that it will be temporary because your body cannot function without a sense of self.

Adapted from Emptiness Dancing, by Adyashanti (Sounds True, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Adyashanti. Reprinted by permission of Sounds True.
Adapted from Emptiness Dancing, by Adyashanti (Sounds True, 2006).


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Been there. Done that.

I prefer to be in these lower worlds where we can actually enjoy the illusion of helping. Fun illusion!!!

The Heaven Worlds are dang boring! That's why My Lord Kal created his own universes. I like it here. I'm staying 'til all souls, human and animal can make a grand exodus or stay by their own choosing.,

These worlds of matter space time energy problems will one day be like a recreation park for souls.

The "enlightened" like to tell us these worlds are illusion.

Well, try acting on it. Wave your hand and have the oceans cleaned up right now. Still here! Doesn't look like an illusion to me.

Now, above the soul worlds, in the heavenly worlds, you can do just that!

It's a lot of fun forgeting who we are and gradually remembering. It's like a fairy tale...and some fairy tales are macabre.

Here there is challenge!

from Shakti

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Thank you.

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Enlightenment, for want of a better word is not an experience. There are
no dazzling lights - no teacher to bow down to. No 'thing' to experience.
If you LIVE in the mind - you will BELIEVE-DIS-BELIEVE. That is all
you know. There is no other state of being. Enlightenment lives in a state BEYOND the mind. Hence the MIND (logic) will not understand. It cannot, it is impossible. The most the mind can do is understand that it cannot understand. So then - what do we do? If we cannot understand - then what? Then you GIVE UP even trying to understand. Give up EFFORT. Give up seeking - give up the mind.
Now what happens?
Suddenly - in a split second - you realize that you have been
living a FALSE LIFE - INSIDE the MIND. The MIND DROPS - and NIRVANA appears (don't get hung up on words). NIRVANA is the ABSENCE of all mind-creations. It is a state BEYOND (1) TIME (2) SPACE (3) MIND and (4) EXPERIENCES. It is not an ATTAINMENT - nothing has been achieved or attained. Rather the opposite has happened. The desire to attain has disappeared. Why? because there is nothing to attain or achieve. All attainments and achievements are mind-creations. In the state of NO-MIND (another word) there is nothing to DO or ATTAIN.
Enlightenment deconstructs ALL CONCEPTS - EVEN ITSELF.

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thank you

Eric S.
Eric Straatsma8 years ago

The two (Christianity and Enlightenment) are not opposed to each other, despite what some people think, and believe with a great passion...:)

Free will means we have the right to oppose reality, as well as refusing to enter enlightenment. We have free will where we can and do create our own illusions. We can create millions of illusions, if we want... There is end to the illusions we can create, even while using holy books.

There is a difference between perception/belief/dogma and actual experience... Read the Course In Miracles to find out more.


A course in enlightenment, but using Holy Spirit (and Jesus).

Robert H.
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true indeed! i believe