What I Noticed After Doing The Five Tibetan Rites for 30 Days Straight

Said to be more than 2,500 years old, the Five Tibetan Rites are a form of yoga first brought to light by Peter Kelder in 1939 in The Eye of Revelation. The series of exercises are said to have been used by Tibetan monks to facilitate long, vibrant and healthy lives.

Kelder claimed the exercises ówhich take only 10-15 minutes to completeó offer numerous benefits, including weight loss, improved memory, physical strength and an enhanced sense of wellbeing. Theyíre even supposed to slow down the aging process, which is why theyíre also referred to as the Five Rites of Rejuvenation.

What are the Five Tibetan Rites?

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The Five Tibetans are five exercises that you move through in a mindful, almost meditative state. Each exercise focuses on stimulating a particular chakra or hormonal system and also revitalizes certain organs. In sequence, the exercises constitute a complete workout for the whole body.

How to Perform the Five Tibetan Rites

Ultimately, each exercise is performed 21 times, however itís recommended to ease into the practice gently. Begin by doing 5-7 repetitions of each and building up gradually from there. Go slow and listen to your body.

From spinning in a clockwise direction to leg raises, back bends and a combination of downward and upward facing dog, the exercises are simple to master and relatively easy to execute. I say relatively, because if youíre out of shape anything is going to be challenging initially.

The below video walks you through each exercise.

What Happened After Doing Them for 30 Days Straight

I decided to do them for 30 days straight to see if theyíd deliver on all the benefits Kelder claimed they would. While I havenít seen a reduction in wrinkles yet, I have noticed enough positive improvements to convince me to keep going.

Weight Loss

Iíve always been pretty fit and sporty, so in the past my abs were always visible. Maybe not washboard ripped, but you could definitely see them. As Iíve gotten older (Iím 49) Iíve become a little lazy about getting to gym. (Okay fine, Iíve also been eating too many Oreos.)

After a month of doing the Tibetans Iím happy to say my abs are back. Even my obliques are more defined than theyíve been in a really long time. Yay me. If it werenít for my after dinner snacking habit Iíd probably be even more defined in the midriff.

Physical Strength and†Flexibility

When I first started doing them I noticed a slight pain in my right shoulder. Itís now completely gone and the muscles are more defined as well. Iíd also been experiencing mild to moderate discomfort in my lower back for a couple of months and†that too has cleared up.

Overall, Iím feeling much stronger and more in control of my body. Iím no bendy yogi thatís for sure, but Iím definitely a lot more supple than I was a month ago.

Enhanced Sense of Wellbeing

Lately Iíve been fastidious about doing my morning fundamentals: meditation, visualization, journaling, the Five Tibetan Rites and finally, exercise (running, stretching, weight training, etc.). For me, this is a winning combination and one that can only result in an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

However, given that the Tibetan Rites are a fairly recent addition, I think itís safe to say theyíve played a fairly significant part in how Iím feeling. For one thing, Iím definitely more awake in the mornings.

Before, Iíd always hit the snooze button at least once, sometimes twice. Nowadays, when the alarm goes off I get up immediately. Oftentimes Iíll even wake just before the alarm. I always feel completely rested, too.

Improved Memory

I canít say Iíve noticed any obvious improvements in this area, but then itís not as if Iíve been playing memory games or anything, either. That said, I donít grapple for the right word like I used to, so I guess one could say my recall has gotten better.

Slow Down the Aging Process

I may not be wrinkle-free quite yet, but Iím feeling stronger, healthier and more supple than I have in a while. I also havenít been ill in quite a while (not even a sniffle), which is telling. I wasnít what youíd call sickly, not by any stretch, but Iíd get my share of colds and suffer the odd bout of flu now and then.

My verdict? The Five Tibetan Rites are definitely worth doing. Best of all, they only take 15 minutes out of your day. Age may well be a state of mind, but if you can give yourself a leg up, why wouldn’t you?

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Alex M
Alex Motlyakh7 days ago

Kelder in his book says that once you've started doing 5 Rites, you must keep on doing it all your life, never stop for more than 1 day, or your body will begin deteriorating FASTER than before you started doing the rites. There is a lot of mysticism in his book, but this one condition is really difficult to believe.

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Jenny G12 months ago

I have done this years ago. Might be time to try it again.

Clare O
Clare O12 months ago

Tibetan monks lived simple lives of meditation on the backs of all the people in the country who were obligated to work and feed the monks. This in a beggarly primitive civilisation with an appallingly harsh environment and yak butter to eat. It got so that the only viable lifestyle choice was to be a monk, as working to feed the growing number of monks was too much for the population. While I do not for a moment support China's invasion and their eating of all the Tibetan wildlife and yaks, I do believe they were right to kick the monks out to work for their yak butter.