What Is a Certified B Corp & Why Should You Care?

Have you ever wondered what a certified B Corporation is? Perhaps youíve glanced over a product and wondered what the black and white badge with a big ol’ B meant in the corner? You’ll be pleased to know itís not just another label with relatively little meaning. Companies that achieve the status of a B Corp are going truly above and beyond your average business. They are companies who do good.

For starters, a B Corp is a for-profit business that is as equally dedicated to environmental and social good as it is dedicated to making profits. And thatís pretty incredible in our age of capitalistic greed. Being a B Corp means they do things like donate a portion of their profits towards environmental causes. Or they prioritze the hiring the homeless or ex-convicts as a means of community support. Or they provide renewable energy to a local school to support public education. Pretty much, if a company shows that they want to make a greater impact in the world beyond lining their own wallets, they can become a B Corp.

Yes, these companies are still trying to make a profit, but they always allocate a certain portion of their business, whether through money or actions, towards a great cause.


There are over 2000 certified B Corps throughout the world. Here are a few larger ones you may have heard of:


Ben & Jerryís


New Belgium Brewing

Warby Parker

Green Mountain Power

Beekeepers Naturals

B Corps span all types and sizes of businesses. From small hometown bakeries and honey producers to massive retail manufacturers, any brand with a a purpose and passion to do good in the world through their business can get certified. The B Corporation status is granted and managed by B Lab, a Pennsylvania non-profit that wants to encourage more companies, no matter how powerful or tiny, to prioritze the social and environmental good.

But donít be confused, a B Corporation is not a benefit corporation. Benefit corporation is a legal status available in certain US states that makes considering the ramifications of one’s decisions and how they affect the greater good legally required. On the other hand, a B Corp is a privately maintained certification, much like the non-GMO badge is privately overseen. But, down the line, certified B Corps are pushed to become benefit corporations by B Lab. But, while the designations are in a similar realm, they are not the same thing.

B Corps are trying to be the businesses with the best intentions for the world. Supporting a company that sports a B Corp badge is always a good choice for you, for the environment and for the community.

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