What is a Karmic Debt?

A karmic debt is, basically, any cause that hasnít yet found its effect.

According to the rishis, punishment in the afterlife is the result of unpaid karmic debts. If I commit a crime and donít pay for it here on Earth, I will pay by suffering later. Hell is the condition of karmic suffering. It is worth remembering that hellish experiences donít depend upon dying. People have seen Satan in dreams, visions, imagination, and even in the flesh. Our minds put us in hell, and they can take us out again.

Whether suffering is created here on earth through physical pain or in the afterlife through psychological torment, the causes remain the same, since they can be tracked back to the working of Karma.

By saying that bad karma will one day catch up with wrongdoers, are we guilty of wish fulfillment? Skeptics would certainly say yes, because if a karmic debt is paid outside the material world, it isnít being paid at all.

The matter canít be easily settled, but in spiritual terms we can observe the difference between someone who is mature–and by implication has paid off some debts–and someone who is immature, loaded down with unpaid debts. The spiritually mature person pursues a meaningful life through self-worth, love, truth, appreciation and gratitude, reverence, and non-violence.

Adapted from Life After Death: The Burden of Proof, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2006).


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A moral person, knows the differance between right and wrong, but may choose to do wrong anyway...an ethical person, chooses to do right...Life is a continuous school, and as we grow and mature, I CHOOSE FOR ME AND AM RESPONSABLE FOR ME, to be moral and live ethically...thank goodness most minutes are excellent..and I choose to own and learn and change from any wrong descions I have made and not reenact them again...Being pro-active, is so much better for me and any one or thing around me....that is why, I love to learn everyday and choose to be better, everyday!..and I know , I am not perfect..I just have many jobs to do , here on Planet Earth, 2012!!

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According to the law of karma, what you do to others will be done to you. That's your loop hole. I took it and I'm sure glad I did. What a change no karma makes.

To free yourself of karma go to the Lord of Karma and if you can't do that go to your Higher Power. It's a business transaction. Forgive us our debts as (AS - to the same degree) as we forgive our debtors. Other folks who did you wrong have a debt to you. Forgive it. With the help of your higher power forgive all wrongs done to you , past, present or future. Ask your higher power to see to it that they are forgiven and that no one ever has to pay in any way for any wrong done to you. I wrote it out as a legal document would be written. I signed it.

Remember, pain is NOT unforgiveness. Pain is pain. You may still feel the emotion of pain and sorrow, but that is NOT unforgivenss. Also, taking legal action so the injury won't happen to someone else is NOT unforgiveness. It's responsibility. Unforgiveness is revenge taken either by you or the Universe on your behalf..

There will still be lessons to learn but it's a lot easier, when you get a problem to look for the lesson and learn it then it is to pay your karma to the last penny! Be sure to keep the forgiveness current. Your choice. Walk free! Worked for me.

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