What is the Meaning of Life?

To say that the meaning of life is everything indicates that life leaves nothing and no one out. “Everything” is just another way to embrace the infinite range of possibilities.

Have we come closer to answering the ultimate question, “What is the meaning of life?” Imagine for a moment that someone came up with an answer. Directly or indirectly, most of the traditional answers have crossed everyone’s path; the meaning of life usually comes down to a higher purpose, such as to glorify God, to glorify God’s creation, to love and be loved, to be true to oneself.

As with many other spiritual questions, I find it difficult to imagine how these answers could be tested. If someone holds down a good job, supports his or her family, pays taxes, and obeys the law, is that an example of glorifying God or of being true to oneself? In time of great crisis, such as war, does the meaning of life change? Perhaps it is all one can do to stay alive and be reasonably happy in a crisis.

Life refuses to be pinned down. Whatever meaning you want the universe to reflect, it provides. If you try to pin the universe down to one reflection, you pin your own life down at the same time.

Reality is like a two-way mirror that shows you yourself as well as what lies on the other side. This mutual effect is mandated because the universe doesn’t possess one set of facts. You the observer bring your version of reality into being.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004).


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Summerannie Moon
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As the young 9yr old said in a video here about the meaning of life is you create your life. Your life is only but one shot at life and how you live it. If you move in one direction and hit brick walls no matter which way your turn then you are doing something incorrect and or havent learnt that lesson. We all need to live a good life, and its not all about 'me' as in an individual its like spreading your life to also 'serve' others in some small way to a big way. Being interested outside yourself and doing ...doing something to help another on a one on one, to volunteer, raise money, enjoy meeting new people and friends and all in all this does have a meaning. You feel great in doing..or hope you will, while the receiver is too. Better to live a good life rather than live a life of trouble and strife in which you need to find an answer to change direction. Happiness is at the end of your outstretched hand while misery follows you around till you've had enough. We are all different and live in different countries, circumstances and wherewithal but even the poorest can be happy with his or her lot and move on to make a bigger mark on earth. Interesting and all have interesting answers and so different as well.

Fi T.
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It's for us to appreciate and live to the fullest

Ezra Brown
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The meaning of life is to make life better for others.

Danuta Watola
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Thank you for article.

Catsy D.
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We are born to continue the human race. Survival of the species!!
It reminds me of this picture! So true:
Eat Survive Reproduce! As humans, we tend to over think everything!! (The beauty of critical thinking) The meaning of life is so very simple!
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_44ev6Q8AhCw/SRvMsD02F0I/AAAAAAAADDI/AYziy1y4dk8/s400/Eat, Survive, Reproduce.jpg

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The meaning of life is to find life a meaning. ;)

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Can't open card...rats! Had to come in...I was un natured by a vodkaalcoholic. WHERE is my wand to make THAT disappear?