What is Vitality and How Do We Build it?

Before I get into a description of what vitality is, and then how we can improve and build this in our lives, I want to pique your interest first:

To achieve any goal in your life – weight loss, improved health, lowered blood pressure, ideal cholesterol (ANY-goal) – you must have abundant energy. Considering that “energy” is the substance that makes up every living (and non-living) thing in the Universe, when you have more energy inside you, you theoretically have the entire Universe inside of you. From there it is then possible to call forth and create what you want using a law of the Universe.

This law of the Universe is frequently called The Law of Attraction and is publicized in The Secret. This law states that whatever you think about most, you will draw to you. However, in my experience this does not always work and I’d like to explain why with a metaphor:

Imagine you had two magnets – one very large, industrial strength, and the other is simply a primary school science lesson magnet (not strong at all). Now, both of these magnets have magnetic potential and they will attract things to them, unconditionally. However it is the strength of the magneticism (energy) that will determine how much they can attract to them.

You are the magnet. You possess energy – some people possess more than others – and if you decided to, you could attract anything to you. But to reiterate, you must first have abundant energy.

I chose to write this post because many people wonder what exactly “vitality” means. Well it has two meanings for me: health (and all areas of life that contribute to health), and “energy.”

When you are more vital and healthy, and you have filled your own cup up to the point that you are abundant with magneticism, you will indeed have more energy. Only when you have more energy will you achieve your ideal body, perfect health, your ideal partner, the dream job, *fill in the blanks*!

So, how do we build it, and increase our energy flows?

Through living principles of a healthy lifestyle. Then, and only then, can you achieve what you are after AND be happy when you have it. This “be happy when you have it” is important since many people spend all of their energy to achieve a goal (working long hours to make more money), and then have no energy left to enjoy it (depression, anxiety, heartaches, etc.).

So what we need is to design our lifestyles in accordance with all of our core values, balancing our energy expenditure and our energy income. Ask yourself the following questions to get a little closer to building your own energy levels up to the point where you can achieve anything in your life:

  • What foods should you be eating to give you more energy, versus “displacing foods” that take more energy to digest than they actually give you?
  • How much exercise should you do to give you a strong, healthy body, and not take away from your life-force (energy) too much?
  • What hours can you work/socialize so that you meet all of your tribal needs (finances, sustenance, social relationships) versus “ME” time and family time with your loved ones?
  • How vital do you want to be? If you had a scale of vitality, with 0 being low (death), and 10 being a picture of unconditional happiness, where are you now, and then where do you want to get to? This last question should help you to get a little closer to answering the above questions.

I help all of my personal clients answer these questions, and many more, to design a lifestyle of their dreams that allows for balance without compromising their goals they desire to achieve.

To start being healthy today, increasing your energy, and achieving whatever you put your mind to (and enjoying it!), subscribe to my newsletter, and you will get access to my health guides based on the six foundational, modifiable factors of health and vitality. You must master these first.

Let me know how you get on, below. Good luck!

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By Brett Sanders, Intent.com


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Paola G.
Paola G9 years ago

I enjoyed the article, the BTW subscription took away from it. I was having a draining morning and needed some inspiration...it helped me laugh. To think I came online to find a spiritual pick me up and found a good sales pitch...lol.

megan m.
megan m10 years ago

subscribe??? everybody is selling something. It was an interesting article, though the fact that you mentioned "The Secret" makes it almost a joke. What a waste of resources to print out and distribute such a con and brainwash-esque piece of garble. I mostly agree that you reap what you sow, but this book really could have been summed up in 2 sentences: "You put out positive energy, you get back positive energy. You put out negative energy, you get back negative energy."
But I guess that wouldn't have made as much money for them...

oh and P.S., all the best things in my life came when I was low and depressed, not full of vitality.

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I saw a subscription on Intent.com Is that what you mean by saying "subscribe to my newsletter"? Thank you :)

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