What Meditation Is Not

Meditation is not an attempt to quiet the mind. It is not an attempt to transcend the mind. It is not an attempt to control the mind in any way. It is not an attempt to find anything, do anything, ask anything, see anything, hear anything, smell anything, or taste anything but what is there already.

So, what is meditation? Find out here:

Meditation is simply the recognition of what awareness is aware of moment to moment. You are that awareness and what you are aware of right NOW is all there is to it. What are the five senses aware of? What is the mind doing? Is it aware of sounds, physical sensations within the body or outside of it, smells, tastes, thoughts? Watch how awareness tends to move from one occurrence to another, sometimes resting for a while, at other times not. Even the rhythm of the breath is noticed and then not.

Often, we want to Ďadd oní to the process of meditation by using a mantra, visualizing some object or image, or counting breaths. All of these create another layer of experiences that, below that, awareness is aware of. Be that awareness and over time you deepen into what is already always present but is so often overlooked by the mindís activities.

As you deepen into awareness during times of restful sitting you will find that awareness, just awareness, shows up at various moments during your day and life takes on a relaxation unknown before.

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By Kenneth Andert, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Nimue Pendragon

You have a different vision of what meditation is than what I do, which is not to say either of us is wrong, just different. Meditation is a wonderful thing, whatever you perceive it to be or however you do it.

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Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence5 years ago

Good article...thank you!

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Magyar Girl
Past Member 5 years ago

Have been meditating and doing astral projection for over 25 years. I would have been dead along time ago without it, as during the many tragedies of my life, including the loss of my brother by a drunk driver, and my cousin's murder, I used it to survive. Without tt, along with my strong faith, I would have taken my life years ago.

Antony M.
Antony Mcgowan5 years ago

Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing.

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This article answers some question I had for a long time =]

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Interesting. Thanks.

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