What to Do If You Wake Up in a Bad Mood

We have all, each and every one of us, woken up in a bad mood at some point. And sometimes it’s hard to know why. Maybe you had a bad dream or a restless night of sleep. Maybe you had an argument the night before. Maybe you drank too much wine. Maybe the weather is gloomy. But, the fact remains, sometimes we all wake up in a bad mood, and it is no fun at all.

If you are in a bad mood more mornings than not, maybe it is time to look at your lifestyle to see whatís causing you to feel grouchy. While environmental circumstances, like foul weather or a fight with a loved one, can certainly rule our moods, there are plenty of small, lifestyle shifts that can cause or destroy a bad mood streak.

For instance, if you overtax your liver (you drink alcohol at night or you eat a lot of sugary foods and refined carbs), you may be†more prone to bad or unstable moods the following day. The liver is responsible for detoxifying the body. If it is hindered, you’re likely to get worse sleep and feel worse the next day, even if you don’t notice.

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Low magnesium levels can also affect your moods. Eat some dark leafy greens and some really dark chocolate or take an epsom salt bath to boost your magnesium levels on the regular. Magnesium can become easily depleted during times of stress, so if you are not replenishing your stores, you may experience poor sleep and increased stress levels. And that would put anyone in a bad mood.

But, what should you do in the moment if you wake up in one of these melancholic states? Here are a few tips that are sure to wash away the morning sourness.

Play music, loud

Studies have shown that music has the capacity to boost happiness and reduce anxiety. Even sad, somber music. Some enjoy listening to angry or sad music as a way of expressing their bad mood. Others prefer happy, upbeat tunes to lift them up out of the crevasse of doom. Figure out which works better for you, blast it loud in some headphones and feel free to let your body groove along if you get the impulse.

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Spending 5 minutes doing some positive journaling is a powerful way to radically shift your mood. I mean, Tony Robbins does it. Try to be very specific about the positive, lovely things in your life that are happening†right now. Like the beautiful sun streaming through your window or the way hot coffee feels as you sip it. This daily practice not only makes you appreciate the good and little things in life, but it brings you immediately into the here and now. You can also work out your worries, stresses and problems in a longer stint of writing (in another journal), and you may be surprised at how much better you feel when you unload your subconscious self onto the page.

Eat a healthy breakfast

While it may be tempting to reach for that sugary jumbo muffin, hold off. What your body needs is love and kindness, and that goes for your diet, too. Show your body you love it by consuming something comforting yet nourishing, like dense, seedy bread smothered with avocado and drizzled with olive oil and sea salt. Or, maybe some thick and creamy chia pudding. Give your body†the nutrients it needs to thwart the grumps, rather than continue to feed in to them. Also, drink some water, above all.


If you are a practiced meditator, this is the perfect time to put those skills to work. Clearing your mind can be difficult when it is swirling and boiling with negativity, but, with practice, rebooting and clearing up your thinking can allow you to come out and look at the same morning from a vastly different perspective. If you don’t normally meditate, it may be difficult to tame your wild mind. Try a little meditation, but if it isn’t going smoothly, don’t worry. Just try another tactic and keep practicing your meditation for next time.

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When meditation isn’t working and you cannot get in the flow, exercise is a great antidote to a bad mood. Since sweating and moving your body creates powerful endorphins, working out is a quick fix for the grumpies. Pick your favorite activity, lace up your sneakers and go!

Snuggle with your pet

Think of this as pet enhanced meditation. Studies have shown that pets can reduce our anxiety and stress levels, especially dogs. Their constant love and acceptance for you may be exactly what you need to free your mind from its own darkest clutches. Invite them over for a therapeutic snuggle.

Indulge in it

Berating yourself for being in a bad mood will only make your mood worse. Instead, why not lean in to it?†Do what you want to do. Introverts are likely to curl up in a corner and journal or read or doodle. Extroverts are likely to call a friend or go out to a coffee shop for an infusion of fresh energy. There is no wrong answer. Do what you are drawn towards and allow your body to reset on its own. Bad moods happen to everyone. They are nothing to be ashamed of.

No one enjoys waking up in a bad mood, but that doesn’t mean we are helpless. Develop your own arsenal of tactics that can tackle even the worst moods head on. And don’t feel bad for feeling bad. It happens to all of us.

Of course, regularly waking up in a bad mood could be a sign of depression, which you should address with the help of a trusted medical professional.


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