20 Reasons to Have Sex

By†Jessie Fano

Question: What’s†the big deal about sex and orgasms?

So, what†is the big deal about sex and orgasms? I recently came across this question sent in to the†WTF? Questions Youíd Ask Your Sex Therapist If Only You Had One post.†Of course, if youíre trying to have a baby, the answer is pretty simple, but I didnít think the questioner was really asking about the procreative aspects of sex.

My first personal reaction was ďbecause itís fun!Ē But then it occurred to me that I know people who feel guilty when they experience sexual fun, which makes it difficult for them to fully enjoy it, much less own their sexuality fully and freely. This struck me as too bad, and I got curious to see if there were other reasons to have sex Ė reasons that might help them overcome the guilt. I poked around a little and came up with some good stuff.

4 Tips for Tantric Sex

Sex is Good For Your Body, Mind and Stress Levels

Sex is basically a form of exercise. Even if youíre not hanging from the chandeliers, your circulation increases, your muscles contract and Ė if you DO swing from the curtain rods Ė youíre giving yourself quite a workout. Your body pumps with endorphins. Basically, it makes you feel good. And just like your body feels good after a good workout or run, the same is true for sex.

Letís see what our very own Lissa Rankin has to say about it in her†Whatís Up Down There? guide to the female body:

In addition to the giddy euphoric effects that make our toes curl, sex and orgasm (including masturbation) seem to have other health benefits. Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, famed sex researcher, and Professor Emerita from Rutgers University, lists the following evidence-based benefits of sexual expression. Engaging in acts of sexual expression may:

1. Help you live longer.

2. Lower your risk of heart disease and stroke if you have sex twice/week or more.

3. Reduce your risk of breast cancer.

4. Bolster your immune system.

5. Help you sleep.

6. Make you appear more youthful.

7. Improve your fitness.

8. Help protect against endometriosis.

9. Enhance fertility.

10. Regulate menstrual cycles.

11. Relieve menstrual cramps.

12. Help carry a pregnancy to full term.

13. Relieve chronic pain.

14. Help reduce migraine headache pain in some individuals.

15. Improve quality of life.

16. Reduce the risk of depression.

17. Lower stress levels.

18. Improve self esteem.

19. Improves intimacy with your partner.

20. Help you grow spiritually.

The evidence is mounting. Orgasm isnít just good – itís good for you.

Work Up a Sweat – Or Don’t

I have to admit that Iím not a gymnast in bed. Maybe itís because Iím bigger than a breadbox. Maybe itís because my husband and I like ďlazy sexĒ (thereís a sideways position that is really easy we can spend a long time in). Maybe itís because I donít sweat easily. Whatever it is, I donít always feel like Iíve gotten a true workout after a good boink-in-the-sack.

But I will say that I am always more relaxed after some good sex. Those endorphins are for real. So whether you are the energizer bunny or a lazy sensualist like me, just enjoy your style, enjoy the physical sensations of being in your body and accepting the physical pleasures it can give you. Own all the benefits of being a sexual being.

So do you really need another excuse to put the guilt aside and have sex (with your partner or with yourself) as often as possible? You donít feel guilty when you go to the gym, do you?

Do you have sex as often as you exercise? Do you feel good afterwards? Does your body give you incentives to have sex more often? Does this help you put the guilt aside?


Researcher of†WTF? Questions You’d Ask Your Sex Therapist If Only You Had One? Got a question? Ask me! (Twitter @JessieFano)

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Kathryn P.
Kathryn P.5 years ago

I have known of men and women living monastic lives of celibacy who were long-lived. 105 yrs old. I challenge the Western established beliefs that one lives longer because of 'sex'. It is not the same to all people. Obviously there appear to be discrepancies between people as to the necessity or elevation of sex. It is not sacred or we would make altars and be displaying it there. It is not evil or no one would go to heaven who had participated in it. The deepest of emotions of love are not generated by sex, but a mixture of attraction and sensual pleasure. There are more sublime forms of love than this since this conditional love lasts as long as the body is young enough for it. Artificial enhancers or methods to prolong this condition is based on a shallow understanding of love. To die for another is the ultimate level. And if you are not 'willing' to forgo your personal pleasure for the sake of another, you have not experienced true love.

Victoria L.
Victoria L6 years ago

Pretty convincing argument but I doubt the validity of a few of those reasons...

Abbe A.
Azaima A6 years ago

because you want to?

sandra m.
Past Member 6 years ago

I suffer from Migraines and one thing I discovered is when one is coming on......having sex just makes it disappear!

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

Even if that earth shaking orgasm doesn't come through, for me, it's ALWAYS felt good, so, when it's an act of mutual agreement, go for it. When you have a good partner that you share your life with, it's the best kind, but, just make sure both people want it.

I've always said it's good for you, now I have proof. Thanks!

Sarah Layton
Sarah Layton6 years ago

There a good way and a bad way to have sex.The one way is with the person u love.The way is going out a having sex with everyone that u do not love.Sex is also a good work out to.I think it is.Have fun lol...

Roisin S.
Roisin S6 years ago

sex is good with the right person but not the be all and end all of a relationship or of life in general

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T6 years ago

Hurray....great article...

Lu Ann P.
Past Member 6 years ago

Except for #12 (Help carry a pregnancy to full term.) Not sure about its validity as sex is often discouraged for orgasm can bring on labor. With no other issues, orgasm could definitely help bring some good feelings, but I've never heard of it HELPING to bring to full term.

Otherwise, you forgot...
Makes one feel closer to the human being next to you (presuming, of course) and closer to the very fabric of the Universe!


Dawn C.

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