What’s Your Intelligence Type?

Have you ever taken an IQ test to measure your intelligence? Your results may not have given an accurate picture of your real strengths. The IQ (intelligence quotient) test has been criticized for favoring people with strong mathematical or logical reasoning abilities. Whereas, it often disregards those who are skilled in areas like art or linguistics.

Instead of a limited IQ test, Harvard professor Dr. Howard Gardener proposed that humans in fact have multiple types of intelligences. He feels these intelligences are present in everyone, although each person tends to have a few dominant types.

Dr. Gardener identified the following intelligence types. He also suggested there are likely even more types to be discovered. Which types do you resonate with?

1. Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic intelligence is behind your ability to think in words and use language to express meaning. This is the most widely shared type of intelligence as it allows us to communicate with each other.

Writers, journalists, interpreters and motivational speakers typically have a strong linguistic intelligence. You can enhance your word skills by doing crossword puzzles, reading, telling stories or learning a new language.

2. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

This type allows you to calculate, quantify and perceive relationships and connections between thoughts or objects. It is also behind reasoning and deductive skills.

If this is your type, you’ll do well as an accountant, computer programmer or scientist. Logic puzzles, mathematical equations, and reading “who-done-it” mystery novels are great pastimes for those with a logical intelligence.

3. Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence

Do you often pay close attention to sounds? Can you recognize the artist within the first few notes of a song? You likely have a dominant musical intelligence. This type gives you the ability to discern pitch, rhythm, timber and tone, as well as recognize the structure of songs.

Taking the time to explore and experience music and sound in your life is especially important for this intelligence type. There is also a close connection between music and emotions, so it can benefit your mental health as well. You might like to join a singing circle, take a music class, talk to friends about their favorite music or relax in nature and listen to the sounds around you.

4. Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Spatial intelligence refers to the ability to think or visualize in three dimensions. It also supports hand-eye coordination and your sense of direction. Sculptors, painters, graphic designers, and many other types of artists rely on this type of intelligence. It is also important for occupations like piloting boats or planes, architecture and engineering.

You can strengthen your spatial intelligence by signing up for an art class, doing mazes or jigsaw puzzles, drawing three-dimensional objects, or imagining what your ideal house would look like.

5. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

This could also be called the “I Gotta Dance!” intelligence. These are people who have a natural sense of rhythm and how their body moves in space. They also do well with physical tasks or manipulation of objects.

Surgeons, athletes, tradespeople or other hands-on professionals often have this intelligence type. If this resonates with you, you might enjoy learning a new sport or craft, joining a dance class or simply climbing a tree.

6. Interpersonal Intelligence

A strong interpersonal intelligence shows up as excellent people skills. You communicate well, you’re sensitive to the moods and needs of others, and you can understand and relate to many different perspectives.

If this sounds like your intelligence type, you may excel at teaching, negotiation, social work, customer service and sales or nursing. One of the best ways to hone this intelligence is to spend lots of time with people. Join a networking or other social group, find some good interactive games to play at parties to get everyone involved or volunteer for an organization that inspires you.

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence

Are you generally well aware of your own feelings? Do you have an interest in the human condition and what makes people tick? These traits suggest a dominant intrapersonal intelligence. It’s the capacity to understand yourself and your feelings, and to use this knowledge constructively as you move through life.

Psychologists, spiritual leaders, inventors and writers often have this intelligence type. To enhance your personal awareness, try meditating, daydreaming about your future goals, journaling or go on a trip alone for some quality “me” time.

8. Naturalistic Intelligence

Those with a naturalistic intelligence have an affinity for plants, animals, soil and all aspects of the natural world. They are often found hiking in nature, spending time with their pets or reading about how to classify species. The ability to distinguish between all living things is part of this intelligence. It’s suggested this is also behind many of our purchasing decisions, such as which type of car, shoes or electronics to buy.

If you have a strong naturalistic intelligence, consider studying the areas of botany, geology, agriculture or zoology. Many professional chefs also have this intelligence type. Try planting a garden, taking a trip on horseback or learning more about the rocks and ecosystems in your local area.

9. Existential Intelligence

Do you often find yourself having deep conversations with others about the meaning of life, or what happens after death? You likely have a strong existential intelligence. Not satisfied with the surface of life, those with this intelligence are drawn to the bigger questions of our existence.

Your capacity for tackling these questions can be put to use as a philosopher or teacher, or to contribute to your spiritual community. Read widely on topics like the purpose of existence, what exists beyond our visible world, and how it’s all connected. And don’t be afraid to strike up those deep conversations with others. You never know where they might lead.

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