Why I’m a Wheatgrass Convert

Some people claim wheatgrass is a miracle cure. Some people claim it’s an unpalatable bunch of hogwash. What’s the truth? While wheatgrass hasn’t been thoroughly studied in a way that can undeniably prove its rumored superpowers, it can absolutely improve your health. But just as with any other green juice, don’t expect it to make miracles.

Wheatgrass is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and amino acids and is known to have potent antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. That alone is enough reason to supplement with it in your diet. However, some say a shot of wheatgrass can replace upwards of 2 lbs. of vegetables, a claim which can’t really be backed up scientifically. You still need to eat fresh vegetables. So where is the line between truth and exaggeration? While shockingly little research has been conducted on wheatgrass, there are some health claims we can back up with science. Here are a few superpowers daily wheatgrass consumption may actually have, according to studies.

-Studies have shown wheatgrass to be extremely potent in benefiting ulcerative colitis and those with digestive disorders, with patients exhibiting overall reduction in disease activity and severity.

-Consuming wheatgrass can improve bone strength, as it is one of many ways of alkalizing the body, although this is easily achieved through a plant-based diet. Acidic foods, like meat and dairy, can weaken bones over time, so any additional plant ingestion, especially the potent plant activity of wheatgrass, can provide a healthful boost.

-It has been shown to assist patients in tolerating chemotherapy during breast cancer treatment.

-Some studies have even suggested that wheatgrass may help oxygenize and increase hemoglobin in the body.

-It may have potential in regulating blood sugar levels, as it was shown to increase insulin production and sensitivity in animal studies.

Beyond that, most wheatgrass claims are unfounded by science. That’s not to say it doesn’t assist in healing skin conditions or promoting increased athletic performance. These things have simply not been proven and documented in a research setting. While there is a lot of talk about wheatgrass being a useful treatment and potential healer in those with cancer, it’s unlikely that wheatgrass alone can achieve such a feat. Along with other highly anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory treatments? Perhaps. But it is not a one shot wonder. Health is a holistic journey; there is no miracle cure.

That being said, should you give wheatgrass a try? Probably. Everyone is different, but the high antioxidant activity of wheatgrass has potential benefits for everyone. (If you are gluten-sensitive, know that gluten only resides in the seeds. The pure grass and juice is 100 percent gluten-free.) As a new wheatgrass convert, allow me to share my story:

I was skeptical about wheatgrass at first. How could this little shot of green elixir improve my health? A little backstory: I’ve struggled with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) since my diagnosis at the age of 18. For me, it meant acne, insulin sensitivity, hormonal imbalance, cycle dysregulation, unexplained weight gain and a myriad of other smaller, annoying symptoms. Through the proceeding years, I discovered that specific diet and lifestyle changes were the best ways to manage the condition, along with a specific regimen of herbal supplements. Making these changes, although difficult at first, allowed me to regain control of my spiraling health and fitness while performing as a dancer. Once every so often my symptoms creep back (generally around holidays when I am more lax and hit the alcohol or raw honey too frequently).

Unfortunately, about two months ago, I was under a lot of stress, which manifested as very short cycles and an unfortunate amount of adult acne. Let me tell you, more periods and more acne is definitely not the recipe for unflappable self-confidence!

Lucky for me, my good friend over at Sproutman came over to me one day and said, “Let’s do an experiment.” He suggested that I, without changing my diet or exercise habits, add a shot of wheatgrass to my daily routine. I was to do this every day for 2-3 months before making any additional changes. So, I did. I had nothing to lose, and I find the sweet taste of fresh wheatgrass quite pleasant. Frozen, powdered or fresh, Sproutman kept me well in stock for the experiment.

I was floored with the results. Within two weeks, my acne had clearly diminished. A month in, I ditched my traditional two layers of make-up foundation in favor of one light one. I have been complimented by everyone I meet on my freshly glowing complexion. It’s incredible—nearly unbelievable! I had almost given up hope on my face, but consuming wheatgrass juice showed me healing was possible. What’s more, my 18-20 day cycle restored to a normal 27-29 days within the first full month. The addition of wheatgrass to my diet somehow brought a few misplaced pieces of my health back into alignment.

Why did the wheatgrass work? I couldn’t tell you. As a scientifically minded person, I’m assuming its antioxidant activity reduced the inflammation caused by stress and imbalance in my body. Unfortunately, there is no available scientific evidence comparing wheatgrass’s effect on acne and hormonal imbalance. I can say that it definitely improved my health significantly, but wheatgrass isn’t a cure-all. I have a very balanced, healthy diet. Consuming a shot of wheatgrass daily won’t make up for a poor, veggie-less diet and sedentary lifestyle. But, as a supplement, I am entirely convinced it may be able to offer some incredible benefits to those with bodily imbalances and certain conditions.

What’s your experience with wheatgrass? Do you think it’s all it’s cracked up to be? Have you noticed any changes if you consume it regularly? Please share your story below!

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