When Celebrating, It Really Is The Thought That Counts

My mother’s birthday was Monday, and I sent her a box of items from Whole Foods I knew she would enjoy.† I was glad when she genuinely appreciated the gift because, though it was nothing lavish, I had tried to put some thought into what she would like.

When it comes to gift giving, some of the best gifts are often the least expensive.† Over the years, I’ve received many heartfelt gifts – sweet tokens from my fiancť, handmade scarves from a friend of mine, lovely gifts from my family – that I still hold dear.

It truly is the thought that counts – and this is the case for celebrations, as well as gifts.† As I am in the process of planning a wedding, I find myself constantly feeling appalled by the amount of money some people apparently spend on their special day.† Weddings can cost tens of thousands of dollars – and that is rather offensive to me philosophically.† My fiancť and I just want a simple celebration because we feel that the decadence of an expensive wedding actually detracts from the occasion.† The day becomes all about the clothes and the decorations, when it should really be about love.† Indeed, there are so many occasions in life where the simplest, most heartfelt gesture is the most appreciated.



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Good article, thank you

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Would rather get one thoughtful gift than a bunch of useless stuff. Mom, hope you see this!

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i think gifts should have a lot of thought put into it, not just bought randomly