When Success Equals Disloyalty

Dear One,

Have you ever had a sneaking suspicion that you might be stopping yourself from all the success and abundance you desire because you don’t want to feel disloyal to the ones you love?

Big Fat Lies like “If I lose the weight I’m abandoning my community” or “I don’t want my family to think I’m a big shot if I hit 6 figures” or “I don’t want to leave behind my friends.” Darlin, I made this short video for you! Click below to watch it.

Sending you love and unstoppable enthusiasm,




P.S. Speaking of getting what you want. I came across this fabulous guy, Rishan, that has this hilarious and remarkable video series all about manifesting everything and anything you desire. Check it out here!

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Kathy M.
Kathy M5 years ago

Sounds like crap to me if you drop your friends and family because you have upleveled,then in my eyes your the one thats losing out. Keep your good friends and family close, there will be room for new friends too. I see many famous people say they cant wait to go back home and visit with family and friends the people that like the person not the star.If you have bad relations with your family thats a different story. But if you come from a loving background dont cut ties because you make more money, thats absurd.

Nils Lunde
PlsNoMessage se5 years ago


Heidi R.
Past Member 5 years ago

Thank you, Amy. Uplevel is a great new word! I look forward to more of your videos.

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

Self defeat?

Marianne B.
Marianne B5 years ago

Sorry, this one was lost on me. Clicked on Rishan's video, and after 15 minutes, figured out it was just an ad for selling his books. Wasted my time. Did not know this was also a place to advertise (3 times) for a facebook friend??? Good for you who have achieved your success...

Lenee K.
Lenee K5 years ago

I am on the Opposite...........

Sue H.
Sue H5 years ago

Food for thought, thanks.

Leslie R.
Leslie R5 years ago

This has been a constant struggle as I build my career. It truly is difficult to know that you have things in life you need to accomplish while the people close to you are content with how things are - you are filled with restlessness and questions that they just don't understand. As I look back on this journey I see the path of risk taking, inspired success is not a common one so it is natural that many people will not understand or relate. The good news, as Amy states, is that there are people on the other side willing to be a part of your new life and most importantly it is incredibly empowering to learn to trust your inner voice and know that at the end of the day you have been true to yourself.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago


Spirit Spider
Spirit Spider5 years ago

Thank you!