Where Were You on September 11th?

The events on September 11, 2001 were tragic for New York City, Washington D.C. and the world.

This week, weíre taking a look at some of the impacts, memories, challenges and healing that has occurred over the last ten years since the 9/11 attacks. We are also focusing on inspiration and community.

Where were you on 9/11, when you first heard that something was happening? What was your personal experience on that day?

We want to hear your stories, your thoughts, how you’ve changed since the events, or even how you’ve dealt with grief and loss.

Please leave a comment on this post.

And if you have a longer story (500 words or less) that you would like us to consider running as a Guest Post on Care2, please send to editor@care2team.com We will feature five Care2 members’ stories as part of our 9/11 10th Anniversary series.

This post is part of a collective tribute for September 11th. Click here for more Care2 stories on 9/11.


Aud Nordby
Aud n5 years ago


Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

very interesting, thanks for sharing this

Sandi C.
Sandi C5 years ago

I was at work!

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

I grew up in NJ and made many trips to NYC before moving to Washington State in 1990. On 9/11 I woke up early for some reason and saw the entire event happen in real time. I couldn't believe what was happening but I was determined to do something for some one other than myself. I stood in line for 5 hours at our local blood bank so I donate blood. Then in some small way I felt l like I was making a difference. Then I learned from my East Coast Friends of someone I know who died in the towers who left behind a wife and 3 small kids. And, of course more stories of people coming close to being in the towers but were spared because their bus was late or they missed the bus in to NYC or they had a dental appointment or were sick that day or they didn't have a meeting at the towers that day. I don't know why they were spared but I know I'm so glad they were.

Mike Barbieri
Mike Barbieri6 years ago

I had a premonition that day, that something bad was going to happen! I was talking to my mother about that same day.

Prochi T.
Prochi T6 years ago

I was in hospital getting my 2nd knee replacement. it was 2nd day and someone came running and asked me to switch my tv on. oh dear what a sight we all saw that day. at first it was unbelievable. May the world NEVER see anything like that again. amen

Tami Mendoza
Tami Mendoza6 years ago

I remember 9/11 like it was only yesterday. I got up to care for my 6 month old son and turned on the news while I fed him. At first I couldn't believe my eyes! I watched as the second plane was hitting twin towers! I'm up and crying. People are throwing themselves out the windows choosing instant death over burning! The things that ran thru my mind! Would my son get to grow up to be a man? That was the most devastating day in my entire life so far. The amazing thing that happened after, as all of America was in mourning, was to see us pull together. Cars, trucks and homes had flags up. Money, food, help came in all forms from everywhere. I have never lived in a war zone and I pray that never gets brought here to America. What I got from what happened is the love for my country and the country men who put their lives on the line to protect us! I got grateful and humble. I appreciate each and every day of my freedom here in the GREAT OL' USA! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Ameer T.
Ameer T6 years ago

Whats more important as a question is not where you were on that fateful day of 9/11 ten years ago but where do you find yourself today and now after those ten years.

Have you had enough blood of millions if innocent women, children and elderly civilians that died as a consequence of the Bush retributional wars in three countries or do you still feel that more should die to cement your point?

Do you think enough women and children have been raped or been sold as sex slaves harvested from war zones or are the meat markets still wanting?

Do you think that America has backed up against its financial wall or has reached its financial ceiling or do more budgets need to be cut, more medicare to be axed, more teachers need to be laid off, more taxes to be imposed, more jobs to be outsourced and more inflation leading to another recession or should America continue its expensive wars?

rather than looking backward, look at where you are now and towards where you want to be.

Margaret F.
Marge F6 years ago

I'm an RN & I worked in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. We had staggered shifts. I was standing next to the front counter a few hours into my shift when another nurse was just coming into work right after the second plane crashed into the second tower. She came in & said, "I'm not kidding, this is not a joke. A plane just flew into the second tower of the World Trade Center". She actually saw the second plane crash on TV when she was coming into work. I don't think it is a day anyone will ever forget. Makes you realize how vulnerable we al really are.

Carole R.
Carole R6 years ago

It was an awful day I will always remember. One son was off to school and the other was home sick. I turned on the computer and the news was on my homepage. I thought "this can't be right, can't be true" and turned on the tv, just to see that it was true. I got my son out of bed and we sat there watching it all unfold on the tv. It was such a beautiful sunny day. so peaceful, it was so very hard to believe all this was happening only a few hour's drive away. I felt sick, I felt sad and I felt helpless. May that be the last time our nation ever has to feel that pain.