Which State of Being Are You In?

There are four basic states of being that every human experiences. Most of us will become familiar with each of them throughout our lives. Which one are you in now? How can you best navigate this landscape of your soul?

Read the evocative descriptions of the four states of being so you can recognize where you are, here:

Moving Forward, Moving Into
In this moment I move forward,
I move toward,
I move into,
I become more a part of,
I am carried in this moment by the vibration of stepping into and moving forward.
I move at a steady pace
Moving forward
Moving into

Retreating From, Moving Back
Life is change.
Every moment brings change.
All is vibration.
As I live my life I love through Four States of Being,
Sometimes moving forward
Sometimes retreating
There are times when I am enveloped with the birth of new aspects of my being
And times when I am still feeling the pure essence of what is in the moment.
In this moment I am retreating,
I am moving away from.
There is a knowing within that says, Back up
Stay clear
Retreat now.
In this moment I am stepping back
I am distancing myself
I do not need to run
I do not need to flee
I will not create any drama
I step back slowly
I need to stand on the sideline, not in the center
I am stepping back leaving others in the center.
I step back slowly
I step back peacefully
I step back with grace on my side.

New Birth, New Creation
Life is change, every moment brings change.
In this moment there is creation
There is passion
There is fire
There is birth
A new idea
A new creation
A new love
A new passion.
Energies stir within my soul
And new aspects are born in this moment.
All is excitement
All is wonderment
A am in awe as I experience new creation
New birth.

Still in the Pure Essence
Life is change
And sometimes it feels like there is no movement.
It is as if time has stopped.
I enter a new dimension.
In this moment I am still.
I am not moving forward
I am not retreating
I am not experiencing passion or new birth.
I am still
I am quiet
I am immersed in the pure essence of what is.
This is the moment when time stops.
I experience the glory of the nature of what is in this moment.
I experience the pure essence of my being
Every aspect of my soul.
I experience all that has been
All that is now and will ever be
Only the essence
Only the essence
Only the essence.

Adapted from Consult Your Inner Psychic, by Carole Lynne (Samuel Weiser, 2005). Copyright (c) 2005 by Carole Lynne. Reprinted by permission of Samuel Weiser.
Adapted from Consult Your Inner Psychic, by Carole Lynne (Samuel Weiser, 2005).


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